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What Happened To Skip And Shannon Show? Explained

what happened to skip and shannon show
Skip and Shannon, Credits: Looper

Undisputed is one of the popular NFL sports programs airing on television, but fans have been noticing the delays within the show. Therefore they wanted to know the reason behind the delay and what had happened to it.

Well, since this article will be covering all of these aspects of the show and the delay that is there for Undisputed, it will also be covering details regarding what is the off the screen relationship between Skip and Shannon. Is it good, or are they off-the-screen enemies?

But first of all, for those of you who don’t know much about these two sports stars and also about Undisputed, it is actually a sports broadcast that entirely focuses on providing NFL updates to all of its football lovers and fans. 

And with the show being the most popular, it is obvious that those hosting the show should be someone of higher levels. Therefore Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe are the masterminds of this field. Skip, on the one hand, is an ESPN analyst, and Shannon, on the other NFL tight-end. Rose up to the football industry debate within the show and provided their audience with a daily dose of information.

Let us take a look at this article in order to know some greater details.

what happened to skip and shannon show

Skip and Shannon, Credits: Distractify

What Happened to Skip and Shannon Show?

Well, Shannon and Skip, the two masterminds of the NFL, have a show called Undisputed, where the two masterminds talk about the daily dose of NFL news, trends, and every other information available.

But for a couple of days, people have been very confused regarding what happened with Undisputed and why it stopped in between its preceding season; well, first of all, the show is not canceled, as per the intense speculation people have since they have not since the show from a couple of days.

The only reason behind this is that the two hosts of the show, Skip and Shannon, have gone on a long vacation and also. On the other hand, it is mandatory for TV shows to have some time off, and therefore Undisputed also took a show time off the break, and its co-host went on a vacation to come back entirely in a new way.

Skip also twitted about this news which gave relief feeling for many of the Undisputed fans who were eventually thinking that the show had closed or canceled to air further.

Will Undisputed be back on TV Screens?

Yes, of course, it will be back on Television screens, but the only fact there is that the show has taken some time off with the customary rituals of maintaining the show time off is to be followed within the NFL’s time programming history.

Therefore, the show is thus going to be back on screens, and this time will be a bang and with a blockbuster as one of the co-hosts of the show, Skip, also tweeted that they will be back on the show after the vacation hugely giving us the indication regarding the show and it will thus raise above the charts to be hit on the screens. 

what happened to skip and shannon show

Skip and Shannon, Credits: The New York Post

Are Skip and Shannon real-life enemies?

Skip and Shannon are always seen as very humble and friendly with each other on the show; it is very different off the screens, as stated by Shannon on the recent ‘The Adam Schein Podcast’ that he went live on, he confirmed that Skip and he does not share the very friendly relationship that they have on screen.

He even stated that they had had a bad relationship now for over two months; while Shannon did not reveal the cause or the major reason behind this level of friction between them, it looked like they only maintain a professional relationship when they are on sets and when off the sets they barley try to talk with one another.

Considering the fact that Undisputed is one of the very popular shows within the football sporting programs, it wouldn’t look great if there is any or some sort of tension between them. Fans also wouldn’t ever want to see any kind of friction between the co-host. Therefore, it is better that both of them arrive on common terms and work for their own goodwill.

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