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Our Blooming Youth Episode 10 Review

Our Blooming Youth poster
Our Blooming Youth poster (credits: IMDb)

Our all-time favorite, Hwarang, is back with another historical drama, Our Blooming Youth which obviously is gaining popularity globally already. Twenty episodes of Our Blooming Youth season 1 are anticipated, with two episodes debuting each week. We are in for a treat with one of the most eagerly awaited K-dramas of the year, based on the teaser!

To date, the series has aired 10 episodes, with episode 11 and episode 12 released on March 13 and March 14, 2023, respectively, on TVING and tvN, at around 8:50 PM (KST). Episodes should be available at roughly 4 PM (GMT), but as was already indicated, completely subbed episodes may not be available right away.

According to the schedule, Episode 11 will last about one hour, which is typical with the length of the other episodes of the show as well. After this one, there will be nine more episodes to see. The television show centers on the tragic romance between Min Jae-Yi (Jeon So-Nee) and Crown Prince Lee Hwan (Park Hyung-Sik).

Fans are hoping for just the right amount of mystery and romance to enjoy the program, which combines romance with mystery. The popular South Korean drama series Our Blooming Youth stars Park Hyung-Sik, Jeon So-nee, Pyo Ye-jin, Yoon Jong-Seok, and Lee Tae-sun and is directed by Lee Jong-Jae. Every Monday and Tuesday at 20:50 on tvN, it had its premiere on February 6, 2023. (KST).

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A still from Our Blooming Youth

A still from Our Blooming Youth (Credits: NME)

Our Blooming Youth Cast

South Korean singer and actor Park Hyung-Sik portrays a lone crown prince who knows the meaning of an enigmatic curse. He went under three years of training before making his 2010 debut with the South Korean boy band ZE: A. He is well-known for his acting work in the films High Society (2015), The Heirs (2013), and Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (2016).

South Korean actress Jeon So-nee as, a brilliant young woman who searches for the truth despite being accused of killing her immediate family, is represented by Management SOOP. She co-starred with Park Jinyoung in the Korean drama When My Love Blooms in 2020. Actress Pyo Ye-jin as Ga-ram, the only friend of Min Jae-Yi in the series, is from South Korea.

Her appearances in the television programs “VIP” and “Taxi Driver” are among her most notable works. Actor Yoon Jong Seok, Min Jae Yi’s fiancee, and Lee Hwan’s friend represent H& Entertainment in South Korea. He was born on May 28, 1992, in South Korea and majored in drama while attending the Korean National University of Arts.

He made his acting debut in the 2017 drama “Rescue Me.” He has now gone on to appear in films, including “Door Lock” (2018) and “Possible Faces” (2017), as well as the drama series “My Dangerous Wife” (2020).

Our Blooming Youth cast (credits:Dramabeans)

Our Blooming Youth cast (Credits: Dramabeans)

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All You Need to Know:

The protagonists of “Our Blooming Youth” are a brilliant girl who has been accused of killing her family and a crown prince who is under a shaman’s spell. The series is a fascinating fusion of mystery and romance. The son of a formidable State Councillor is engaged to Min Jae Yi, a kind and poised daughter of a renowned family.

Jae Yi diligently gets ready for the future by devoting herself to studying everything she needs to know to be a decent wife and mother. Unfortunately, fate has other ideas for her. Tragically, her family is brutally murdered just days before her wedding, and Jae Yi is wrongly charged with the crime.

In the middle of the chaos, she encounters Lee Hwan, the cursed crown prince, who consents to aid her in exchange for her help in lifting his curse. Jae Yi and Lee Hwan start to have unexpected sentiments toward one another as they overcome their obstacles together. However, a number of challenges stand in the way of their love, such as their respective baggage, hazy futures, and the potential for the curse.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 10 Review: What Is New?

The mystery of the burning plum tree is the theme of episode 9 of “Our Blooming Youth.” The King interviews some court officials in his room as the Crown Prince observes a flaming plum tree at the start of the episode. The Right State Councilor Jo Won-bo is thought by the King to be the source of the curse.

In the meantime, Lee Hwan and Jae-Yi travel to see Myung-jin in order to get the truth about what occurred. They are guided in deciphering the real events that took place in a community that was allegedly overrun by thieves.

Lee Hwan and Min Jae-Yi of Our Blooming Youth

Lee Hwan and Min Jae-Yi of Our Blooming Youth

As the episode comes to a close, Lee Hwan tells Jae-Yi that if he doesn’t get the ghost letter, he will trust Sung-On. He tells Sung-On that he wants to be his friend once more and makes the decision to try and gain his trust.

Han Joong-eon opens episode 10 of Our Blooming Youth by watching the Crown Prince and Sung-reconciliation on’s from a distance. Sung-on is invited by the Crown Prince to a practice archery session at the military grounds.

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The Crown Prince and Min Jae-Yi depart from their emotional reunion and return to the palace. The Crown Prince requests Min Jae Yi’s friendship while they are traveling. When Min Jae-Yi urges him to apologize in writing, the Crown Prince instead draughts an internal letter.

He acknowledges his mistake and says he missed her when he expelled her. The fact that he merely told a brief anecdote, in Min Jae Yi’s opinion, is not fair. She accepts his apology nonetheless. Ga-ram, on the other hand, encounters Bok-Soon and offers to assist her in mending clothes. She tells Bok-Soon a falsehood, saying her mother, who is skilled in embroidery, will assist her, but she intends to do the task herself.

When Ga-ram starts working, he discovers Myung-jin being made fun of by his enraged fiancée. She is irate that he hasn’t already canceled their wedding. Seeing that Myung-jin had a lot to say earlier, Ga-ram is astonished that he is not responding.

Our Blooming Youth's Park Hyung Sik (credits:Leiusrebyte)

Our Blooming Youth’s Park Hyung Sik (credits: Leiusrebyte)

In the meantime, Han Joong-eon requests that the Byeokcheon case be reexamined in the court authorities’ daily conference. The Jo family is adamantly opposed to this, citing Jo Won-oh as living proof. If Jo Won-bo lied about the revolt, Han Joong-eon says the case should be reopened, and Jo Won-bo should forfeit every present he received.

Jo Won-bo reassures his colleague after the daily meeting that the Byeokcheon matter won’t be revisited. Jo Won-bo leaves a bag of cash for the court woman who works at the Eastern Palace as they converse. She appears to be his informant. We see here what the Queen is thinking to herself as Jo Won-bo spots her at the palace’s pond. She holds her uncle accountable and has no intention of assisting him in gaining more authority.

Fortunately, Jo Won-bo doesn’t know what she really wants from him. The Queen appears to have known Song personally and is upset that he is being labeled a traitor based on her attitude. Prince Myungan is informed by her that Song is a good man and should not be worried because Song would never harm them.

The court lady is getting ready to write a letter to her master about this as the program comes to a close with the Crown Prince calling those who were born in Byeokcheon. The mystery around what caused the curse is starting to take root, and the plot is starting to take shape. The series is so engaging and satisfying to watch because of its suspense. Its superb acting, directing, and cinematography dazzles us in every scene.

Our Blooming Youth poster(credits: Pinkvilla)

Our Blooming Youth poster(credits:Pinkvilla)

Even while we don’t understand the spies’ intentions, it is becoming increasingly evident who they are and that Byeokcheon is somehow involved. Jo Won-bo and Jo Won-oh made Song the fall guy by fabricating the insurrection. As she plans her retaliation, I think the Queen knew Song intimately and consented to marry the King.

Although we are not sure of her allegiance, we do know that she is not a member of Jo Won Bo’s side. I simply cannot wait till the following week to find out what the Crown Prince learns about Song and Jo Won-upcoming bo’s move. Tae-gang is still uneasy; is he the military spy, and is he envious of how close Eunuch Soon-dol is to the Crown Prince?

The episode and the series itself will keep you concentrated and on your seat’s edge for the whole time. Not even a single episode is boring of this drama, although some might say that historical dramas are boring but not Hyung Sik in them. Stay tuned for more!

Our Rating:⭐4.5/5

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