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Swallowed star
Swallowed Star (Credits: Sparkly Key Animation Studio)

Swallowed Star is a Chinese anime series that is based on the sci-fiction post-apocalyptic adaptation series written by Wo Chi Xihongshi. Also known as ‘Tungshi Xingkong,’ the anime is being produced by Sparkly Key Animation Studio.

The anime is currently ongoing, comprising two seasons. The first season debuted in November 2020 and had a total of 26 episodes, each running for twenty minutes. The second season is currently ongoing, starting in December 2021. 

Swallowed Star is a Chinese Donghua that is set in the post-apocalyptic world where the outside world has been destroyed by the RR virus, a virus that is capable of turning organisms into man-eating monsters.

However, a surprising element of the monsters is that they follow a hierarchical setup. Each species has a King, General, Captain, etc. The ranks determine the intelligence of the monsters, so if one goes up higher in rank, the intelligence increases. Humans are forced to live in shelters and tackle the monsters, and humans have created an army of Spirit Masters and fighters. 

Swallowed Star: Plot

Swallowed Star is set in the post-apocalyptic world where the RR virus turns infected animals and other organisms into monsters. As a result of massive destructions and disasters, the humans are cornered, and they build barriers and shelters to protect the last few surviving.

Living in the extremes, also known as the ‘Period of Nirvana,’ human power gradually increases and evolves, the strongest being the Warriors. Our main character, Luo Feng, aspires to be a Warrior. As the story progresses, he becomes one of the three strongest warriors.

Apart from five nations, everyone else was wiped out by the RR virus. Due to its advanced power, technology, and willpower, the nations established the Earth Alliance with twenty-three shelters to reside humans. 

Swallowed Star Episode 78
Swallowed Star (Credits: Sparkly Key Animation Studio)

Swallowed Star Episode 78: Recap

Episode 78 of Swallowed Star begins with a love announcement that warns all citizens to enter the underground shelter immediately. Amidst all the chaos and commotion, the fighters are seen trying to protect the civilians from damage. 

The Golden Horned Beast appears on the scene. To prevent it from entering the sanctuary, the fighters try to attract the attention of the Golden Horned Beast away from the sanctuary, which leads to a massive battle between the two parties. The Golden Horned Beast started chasing the fighter and flew away from the Jiangnan base city, which made the people pay their salutations to the heroes. 

The scene shifts to Luo Feng, who asks Babata what she has done now that the countdown is over, but the ship does not explode. Babata replies by saying that she destroyed the intelligence system of the ship, which made the self-destruct mechanism not work. By channeling overwhelming traffic, the ship’s intelligence system was unable to handle huge amounts of data in such a short period of time.

  Babata tells Luo Feng that the model of the spaceship is not bad; it was made by a person standing in the universe. She also states that she would fix the three guards, which prompts Luo Feng to ask about weapons that could kill the Golden Horned Beast.

He asks Babata if she destroyed the weapon system while overwhelming the ship with her savage destruction. However, Babata states that savage destruction only works for intelligence and control systems. 

Swallowed Star Episode 78 Review
Swallowed Star (Credits: Sparkly Key Animation Studio)

Babata reassures Luo Feng that with her abilities, she can assemble a weapon that can kill a stellar class monster. After a while, we see Luo Feng contacting Commander Jia. Due to his finding an ancient civilization, the signal was blocked and he could not contact anyone.

Luo Feng asked what the situation was on the commander’s side. After the Golden Horned Beast was attacked by the hydrogen bomb, it frantically attacked all war bases in Hakuo and Indo Van. The Jiangnan base city was also affected. 

The commander asked Luo Feng to meet his family, after which they met at the War God Palace. The state of Jiangnan city looked miserable as the city was in shambles. We see a girl crying next to someone who is covered in a white cloth. This angers Luo Feng, who wishes to exact revenge on the Horned Beast.  

Luo Feng meets his family, and they all embrace each other. After learning that they are doing well, the camera shifts to a nationwide broadcast that bids farewell to the first group of soldiers and extends its prayers to the people who were killed. The Golden Beast is like a giant, and the humans are ants in front of it. Nearly five million people were killed in the encounter. 

As the Golden Beast started destroying all the war bases around the world, a large number of sea monsters who remained concealed along the river started attacking the inland continents, wreaking havoc everywhere. The fighters fought against the beasts fiercely, which made Luo Feng state that this was a battle for the survival of the human race. 

After contacting Commander Jia to learn about the situation, Jia tells Luo Feng that the Golden Horned Beast retreated under the sea to rest. However, the bigger problem right now is the sea monsters.

East of the Jiangnan base, 12 King class sea monsters had appeared, and six of them started marching towards the southeast military region. Luo Feng takes up the responsibility of handling these monsters. His family tells him to take care of himself.

Swallowed Star Episode 78 Review
Swallowed Star (Credits: Sparkly Key Animation Studio)

Ordering three guards to take care of his family and protect them, Luo Feng embarks on his mission. Babata appears once again and tells that the three robots in the ship are just droids and have average battle power.

Luo Feng asks Babata how much time it would take to fix the weapons held by the quicksilver guards, to which Babata replies that it would take three days to repair the guard. She had also removed the laser cannon and put it under repair. However, it was a time-consuming task to fix them, taking about 28-30 hours. 

The Six King-class monsters were all dominant creatures, but they all cooperated together this time to wreak havoc. The episode ends with Luo Feng encountering the six monsters. What lies ahead is yet to be seen. 

Swallowed Star Episode 78: Review

The episode did a decent job of portraying the post-apocalyptic situation. Humanity is dreadful about what might happen as the Golden Horned Beast arrives and destroys one of the six nations. They tremble in hopelessness and desperation as they pray that a miracle happens and they are saved. 

The story remains engaging from the beginning of the episode, and the pacing seems great. The scenes oscillate from Luo Feng and Babata talking and informing the audience about how much time it would take to repair the weapon to showing the six King class monsters. The episode does a balanced job of showing everything. 

The character Luo Feng is impressive. Even though the audience questions his impulsive actions, which make him look quite immature, he does a good job of pulling through at the end of the day. He is not a very cautious protagonist, but he wins the hearts of the spectators through his actions and his love for his family. 

Even the animation of the episode is good. The soundtrack incorporates a lot of electronic-based tunes, which makes sense as the setting is futuristic and dystopian in nature. 

However, the villains in this episode are not given much insight. They are portrayed as villainous just for the sake of being pure evil and villainous in nature. 

Our Verdict

Episode 78 of Swallowed Star is a decent watch. Apart from the boring backstories of villains, the anime series does a great job and showing sci-fi elements mixed with cultivation and has good designs and animation. 

Our Rating: ⭐ (3.3/5).

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