Wolf Pack Episode 6: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

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Wolf Pack Episode 6 release date is what fans are hoping to know more of. The series throws light on a supernatural drama series. Paramount Plus has created the show for their streaming service. The inspiration behind the plot has been taken from a book of the same name, which was published in 2004 by author Edo van Belkom. The show has only recently started dropping out on the platform.

It focuses on a huge wildfire that catches up in the forest, and thus, all the wild animals are trying to escape from the same. Amidst it, a supernatural creature also attacks the mainland and bites the main characters, that is, Blake Navarro and Everett Lang. Here begins their story as a werewolf, where they themselves start converting to this mystical creature.

Back in Wolf Pack Episode 5, titled Incendiary, we saw that Garett has now become a mentor for Harlan. He is trying to teach the young lad about how he can use his hearing abilities in the woods. Although, he is still an amateur, and when he goes out into the woods, he ends up being chased down by a wolf. Harlan has a gut feeling that this wolf is somehow his father.

Wolf Pack Episode 6 Release Date and Spoilers
A still from Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack Episode 5 Recap 

Turns out that this wolf is actually not trying to hurt them at all. Instead, it is preventing them from having any harm because they are actually a part of its pack. Later, everyone is shocked and worried when a mystery caller talks with them about the story of Lycaon and also provides a location for the same. As the group decides to visit this place, they see a werewolf killing someone else.

Later, we see that Detective Ramsey has also decided to take the lead, and he visits the school to investigate a kid named Cyrus. The department thinks that he is an arsonist. While investigating the place, he and a security guard come across a pile of bodies which are actually a deed of the werewolf.

She tells him that all these murders were actually committed by a werewolf, and as he is processing this information, she murders him, and his body, too, joins the pile. By the end of the episode, we see the team is now going to a party with someone they know. Although, the world appears, and thus, all the kids run inside the house scared.

Wolf Pack Episode 6 Release Date

Wolf Pack Episode 6 release date is on 2 March 2023. The episode is titled After Party. It will drop out on Paramount Plus at 3 AM Eastern Time. New episodes of this fictional drama series release every week on the service at the same time on Thursdays.

How to Watch Wolf Pack Episode 6

Watching Wolf Pack Episode 6 is the easiest task. All you have to do is have a subscription to Paramount Plus. It costs a small subscription fee of 4.99 dollars a month with ads. Of course, there are other higher plans that let you stream with no advertisements.

Also, Paramount Plus can be bundled with Amazon Prime Video. It comes along with a week-long free trial for new users only. As for the people who live outside of the States, here is the time schedule you can refer to while looking out for the episodes.

  • India – 1.30 PM Indian Standard Time (2 March)
  • South Korea – 5 PM in South Korea (2 March)
  • Australia – 7 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (2 March)
  • Europe – 8 AM Greenwich Mean Time (2 March)

Wolf Pack Episode 6 Spoilers

Wolf Pack Episode 6 is titled After Party. In this episode, we will witness the party scene that we ended in the last episode. It has taken a dark turn, and the police are also here. Ramsey and Garett, while staying at the house, come across something in the woods which looks mysterious and strange.

Later, the pack will go on to visit a firefighter named Malcolm. They want to know the whole story about how and where the wildfire originated in the first place.

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