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Strongest Quirks From My Hero Academia Anime and Manga

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My Hero Academia has a ton of awesome quirks in their show, but some of the best ones? There are well over 100 heroes and villains in the show, which means there are well over 100 quirks. So picking a few of the most awesome ones are a bit of a difficult task. Remember, these picks are completely in our own opinion and that the list is in no particular order. For picking the most awesome ones, we paid attention to the most flashy, powerful, and overall fun to watch. Before we set off to look at some awesome quirks, let’s learn about the show itself.

My Hero Academia occurs in a world where superpowers, which they call “quirks,” are common. Almost every human born into the world will possess a unique quirk; people born without one termed quirkless are less in number. But like in every superpower series situation, where there are good, there is bad. So heroes and villains exist in this world in plenty. Here being a hero is a proper job where you get hired by an agency and get paid to go on patrols, keep the peace, fight villains, etc.

There are many heroes in the world, and they are ranked according to their power, with the number 1 hero being All Might. But keep in mind even if you have a quirk, it is not mandatory to be a hero. We follow the life of young Midoriya or Deku as people call him. He is one of the few quirks kids to exist, but the irony is that he loves heroes and everything about them. His number 1 idol is the number 1 hero himself, All Might. But without a quirk for himself, he is looked down on by every single other person.

But even without having power for himself, he never gives up on his wish to be a hero. But fate seems to be with him as All Might bestows his powers upon him as his successor. Midoriya, with his newfound powers, enrolls in a top hero school. With his new classmates, there starts his journey to being the new number 1 hero.

Now that we understand what the show actually is, let’s look at some of the best and most awesome quirks. You can watch the show on Netflix. You can read the manga at the official site here.

Dark Shadow

Dark Shadow

Tokoyami, a student from the Hero Class, is the one who possesses this quirk. A little about the holder himself, Tokoyami is a very silent and cool character. He never speaks more than what is necessary. From his actions, it’s obvious that he keeps his friends and his title as a hero very dear to his heart, so he never hesitates to sacrifice himself for others.

Tokoyami can also be seen to be very brilliant and knows how to tackle a problem very quickly. Now getting into his quirk itself. Dark Shadow is one of the few quirks that have a character for itself.

Dark Shadow is a creature that is always attached to Tokoyami’s body. It’s very cool and beast looking, with glowing eyes and a purple shadow looking body; the creature could infuse fear into any enemy.

Tokoyami controls Dark Shadow and gives it decisions to follow; it has a massive attack and defensive powers. It can grow in size, reach out to very long distances, and protect people completely.

It does come with a huge weakness, though, to be honest, the weakness is actually a two-parter. Dark Shadow works according to the amount of light present around Tokoyami. The more the light, the less powerful Dark Shadow will get; if there is such a huge amount of light, it could even shrink into nothing.

But if there is less light present, more powerful, it becomes. But there is a bad side to this too. If there is absolutely no light present, Dark Shadows will become a complete monster with massive attack power. In this state, Tokoyami will have no more control over it and could do serious damage to everything around him.

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Half-Cold Half-Hot

Half-Cold Half-Hot

This quirk is in the hands of Shoto Todoroki. He is one of the coolest characters in the show; actually, he is one of the main characters, to be honest. Because of his astonishing looks, he has a massive female audience.

Shoto is actually one of the calmest characters in the show; he has amazing decision-making powers. He knows how to take care of his friends while in danger; he also has perfect control over his powers.

His quirk can be seen as the most flashy and one of the most beautiful ones in the series, mainly the ice part of his quirk. His father being Endeavor, the number 2 hero, and his mother being a person who carried ice quirk lead him to have a part of both.

Todoroki can make massive ice formations that could even become as big as a stadium. He has massive control over his ice powers, giving the ability to bend it in any way to his liking. But the same cant be said for his firepower; this can be because he doesn’t use it that much, which is because of some underlying family problems.

With such an amazing quirk, he is easily in the running for the most powerful UA students.



Shota Aizawa has this quirk; he is the teacher at UA. His quirk may not be flashy like the other one’s on this list, but it could easily be the most effective one of the bunch.

He can erase anyone’s quirk by locking in on him with his eyes. The effect lasts for as long he doesn’t blink. With Shoto’s quirk or Dark Shadow, the problem needs to be a situation where it can be used to its maximum power.

But with Erasure, it’s useful almost everywhere. This quirk’s use and effectiveness are unparalleled; it can be a lifesaver in the bleakest of situations. It can get the other heroes the shortest time they need to get the upper hand by erasing a villain’s quirk.

The guy himself, Aizawa, is amazing. He has amazing hand-to-hand combat skills and quick reflexes. All of this, combined with this amazing quirk, makes for a mighty hero.

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Belonging to the number 2 hero, Endeavor, this is one hot quirk. It’s displayed and animated so beautifully that you somehow feel the heat of the attacks.

The sheer intensity and power of this quirk are on another level. It’s not at all just a fire quirk; the fire he releases can be controlled in so many different ways. From concentrating it to a specific spot with a very high temperature to spreading it so far and wide that it can ever take down a building, the quirk is just awesome.



Held by Bakugo, a fan-favorite character in the series. Bakugo is very arrogant and just plain angry all the time. He is very adamant about being the number one hero, and that seems like his only goal. He tries his best to keep his emotions on track.

But we all know how much he cares for others and that he wouldn’t hesitate to keep his life on the line. Even though he is portrayed as a hothead, Bakugo is actually one of the most brilliant characters. He knows how to handle any situation without having too many repercussions. The guy can make the best decisions in just a matter of seconds.

His quirk explosion is on par with some of the best pro heroes. So having such an amazing and powerful quirk at such a young age would mean he would easily be a force to reckon with in the future.

The quirk can be used in multiple ways, from just plain out mega explosions to controlled ones that would help in a movement like flying for a while, jumping long distances, dodging, and so on. The damage his quirk does is on another level.

One For All

One For All

Finally, the biggest and most important quirk in the whole series. The whole anime is based and built around this quirk. It is in the hands of the main character Midoriya. It’s the only quirk that could be handled down person to person; it was previously possessed by the number 1 hero, All Might.

The quirk has so many underlying powers the anime hasn’t yet gotten to; the origins of the power are so deep, which we aren’t getting to in this article.

Not getting to the quirk itself, it is easily one of the strongest ones in the entire series. Midoriya still can not access 100% of its power and still does damage that could blow away the villains’ biggest. The quirk can be used in multiple ways, but Deku is still learning all of it.

One For All in its basic form is just unmatched superhuman strength. So this power can be sent to any part of the body resulting in super-powerful punches and kicks. It can be evens ent to your fingertips to shoot out air cannons.

The build up’s to the smashes from these quirks are so awesome to watch; you can actually feel the sheer strength of all of it. We like to call it the winning quirk cause the villains are defeated with one mega-smash from these amazing quirks.

These are just some of the most amazing quirks in the show; what are some of your favorites?

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