Did Loki Really Die in Avengers: Infinity Wars? Answered

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Loki from Marvel
Thor's adopted brother Loki

Well, the questions and theories about Loki’s death still hover around fans’ minds. Many fans mourned his death when he died in infinity wars, but some came up with explanations to prove that Loki is not actually dead. So, why do fans think that Thanos did not kill Loki, even after they saw his death with their bare eyes? To know everything, read till the end.

Loki has been a fan-favorite antagonist ever since he first appeared in the Thor series. His life story is a bit complicated, but that is what made him stronger and conquer all the difficult situations he encountered. Talking about Loki’s origin, he was a Frost Giant, the biological son of Laufey, later adopted by Odin, the biological father of Thor.

He was raised alongside Thor and mastered the art of tricking people. That is why he soon received the title of “God of Mischief.” Because no one could ever catch his mischievous tricks that, include his adopted brother, Thor as well.

What fans like the most about Loki is how his character developed from a supervillain to an antihero. His death was certainly traumatizing, but this legend died as a hero, and that is what fans respect the most about him.

Loki’s death is unforgettable, but there are various debates going on all over the internet about whether he is dead or not. Well, we don’t know what creators might come up with in the future when it comes to Loki’s character, but what we can know is how he died and why fans think he is alive.

How Did Loki Die?

The god of mischief, Loki, was obsessed with power and control. He knew how to trick people into getting his undue work done. The same trick he used to gain the most powerful Tesseract, the cube that Thanos wanted to acquire for a long time because it contained the Infinity Stone and enormous power that he could use to rule the world. This Infinity Stone was in the hands of Odin at first, but then it got transferred to the church’s safe for safety reasons.

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But soon, during world war II, Johann Schmidt ordered HYDRA to get the Tesseract to carry on the experiments of Arnim Zola, who soon found a way to use this power cube to help Johann create domination over the world. It was taken over by S.H.I.E.L.D. for making weapons that they can use if they fall prey to any threat from outside.

Tesseract: Marvel
Loki hands over the Tesseract to Thanos (Credit: Recall)

As both Loki and Thanos were aware of the energy that this mere cube carried, Thanos, who wanted to acquire the power so badly, sent Loki on a mission to steal Tesseract. He teleported him to earth, where Loki found S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, killed and tricked many, and stole the greatest Tesseract to bring it back to Thanos.

Ultimately, Loki got into the war with Avengers, who snatched the Tesseract from him and kept it safe in Odin’s safe for many years; however, smart Loki discovered the place and stole it again to get disappeared into the wormhole.

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Loki was aware that if he did not hand over the Tesseract to Thanos, he would certainly kill him. However, he managed to hide it from Thanos for many years. Finally, the day arrived; while en route to earth, Loki and Thor’s statesman got interrupted by Thanos. Loki and Thor already knew that Thanos was looking for the Tesseract, and he knew that they had it.

Loki tried to hide the Tesseract, but when his brother, Thor, started getting tortured by Thanos, he found no way to accept the truth. Loki tried forming an allegiance to furious Thanos, but deep down, he knew that he was going to be dead soon.

He told his brother that the “sun will shine on them again” and counted his last breaths as Thanos choked him to death. After satisfyingly watching Loki’s death, Thanos confidently said, “No resurrections this time.”

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Loki’s Tragic Demise: Is It Fake?

Many fans think that Loki’s death is fake, and there are obvious reasons for it. Loki is the ‘God of Mischief’; he has used his art of trickery previously many times while saving himself from difficult situations. In 2011, fans started sobbing when they saw Loki dying in space, but he came back fit and fine to tell everyone that he tricked them.

After that, he did the same multiple times, and all of the time, his death looked real. So, fans just do not want to believe that Loki died at the hands of The ‘Mad Titan’ even this time. When Thanos said, “No resurrections this time,” he was aware of Loki’s little tricks that he used to fake his death in the past. However, Thanos seemed to believe in his words as he thought Loki was dead.

Loki fake death
Loki’s fake death- Thor: The Dark World (Credit: One Ticket TV)

But what Loki was aware of was that he was going to be dead soon as Thanos had already caught him with Tesseract. He knew that Thanos wouldn’t accept the allegiance offer, nor was he going to spare his life. Anyway, if he did not find a way to save himself, his death would be inevitable. So, there is no way that Loki’s trickster mind wouldn’t have worked that save himself from getting killed.

Also, according to the fans’ theory, Thor: Ragnarok is based on Norse Mythology which confirms that after Heimdall’s death, Loki dies. The same happened in Avengers infinity wars, and as there are references to Norse Mythology in Loki and Thor’s life, some fans consider that Loki’s character arc was completed in Avengers: Infinity Wars, which means he really died.

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