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How To Watch ‘I Am Groot’? The Adorable Marvel Show

where to watch I am Groot

Here’s everything we know about where to watch I am Groot series. Since Marvel has started releasing animated series, there is no going back. The series is released left and right. We cannot say we are complaining, but it becomes a little hard to keep track of all of the shows coming. So, we are here with the latest information about the show I am Groot. Animated series are the new trend now. And Marvel has never kept its viewers starved when it comes to content. Let us get into all the details about the upcoming series.

The series is part of the MCU phase four. The movies Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Thor: Love and Thunder are already released. The many series will be a part of phase four of the MCU. The series is said to have five episodes, and it will focus on the most adorable character in the MCU, which is Groot. The series is developed by Kirsten Lepore and is based on the character Groot who is a comic book character. Groot is one of the most popular characters in the MCU, and a stand-alone series on the character is a great initiative. Let’s see where to watch I am Groot.

What is I am Groot about?

If the series is based on the character Groot, then we can definitely expect some chaos and trouble for him. The series will follow the growth of Baby Groot as he goes on various adventures. It will be fun to watch the character of Groot grow and how he finally becomes ready for the adventures in the Galaxy.

The series will take off from the ending of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which was released in 2017. The adventures Groot will go on will lead him to know and follow many unusual characters. It will be fun to watch Groot interacting with other unusual creatures. The hype for the series is real. And people can’t seem to wait for their favorite character.

Who is voicing the characters in I am Groot?

Before talking about where to watch I am Groot, let’s look at the cast. Groot is a tree-looking half-human half-bot creature. Probably, one of the most relatable characters in the whole MCU, with the choices he makes. Since it is an animated series, voice actors and actors are called in to voice the various characters in the series. The character of Groot is voiced by the actor Vin Diesel. It is being confirmed that Diesel will reprise his role and will voice the character of Groot in the new series as well. And we cannot imagine anybody else saying ”I am Groot”.

Among others, Bradley Cooper has been robbed in to voice the character of Rocket. Rocket is a mutated and modified raccoon and also a master of weapons. The character is a constant companion of Groot.

Where to watch I am Groot?

The series will be available to stream on August 10. Since it is a five-part animated series, it is reported that all the episodes will be available to watch on August 10, 2022. It will be a good binge-watch indeed. Disney+ Hotstar is the platform where to watch I am Groot. It is also the official site where all Marvel content is released.

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