Why Did Paul Sorvino Leave Law and Order? Phil Cerreta’s Actor

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paul sorvino leave law and order
why did paul sorvino leave law and order?

Want to know why did Paul Sorvino leave law and order? American actor Paul Sorvino has been a part of the entertainment industry for a while now. The late actor rose to fame and success after he played the role of Paulie Cicero in Martin Scorsese‘s 1990 gangster flick Goodfellas. The actor made an unexpected appearance in the long-running crime drama Law and Order as Sergeant Phil Cerreta. His other acting credits include “Nixon,” “Godfather of Harlem,” and “Oh, God!” 

Paul Sorvino went on to make several guest appearances which included him being the father of Bruce Willis’ character on the TV series Moonlighting and later starring as the father of Jeff Garlin’s character on The Goldbergs. He was starring in the 2019 Epix crime drama Godfather of Harlem, playing real-life crime boss Frank Costello. While Paul Sorvino joined Law and Order, the actor was not present for a long time. Let us take a look at all the details and lesser-known facts to know why did paul Sorvino leave law and order.

Why did paul Sorvino leave law and order?

Paul Sorvino reportedly left his role because he had some other career goals to achieve, which included pursuing a singing career. While it was a hard choice to make, Paul finally managed to make it nearly a decade and a half later, as he starred in the New York City Opera’s 2006 production of The Most Happy Fella.

paul sorvino leave law and order
Why did paul Sorvino leave law and order?

While talking about the part, Paul explained the part is close to two octaves here and there, and in his voice, he has three octaves while admitting that while he does not find the range daunting, to do it right is daunting, and he wanted to do it right. While fans loved Paul Sorvino in  Law and Order, the actor had a few other career experiences to explore during that time. The actor was a part of the long-running crime series for a short period but became a memorable character nevertheless. 

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Who Was Phil Cerreta In Law and Order?

Paul Sorvino joined the Law and Order cast ensemble as Sergeant Phil Cerreta and played the role between 1991 and 1992 before bidding farewell to that. His character was introduced in the crime drama series to investigate Greevey’s death, and his presence as the lead offer on the case was not initially welcomed by Logan.

However, as the plot line in Law & Order went on, Cerreta and Logan bonded over and gradually developed a strong working relationship. Cerreta was shown to be a veteran of the force and served as a mentor to Logan. Fans loved the actor as he is credited with bringing a new side to the plot line while changing the series’ dynamic.

paul sorvino leave law and order
Paul Sorvino

What was Paul Sorvino’s last movie?

Paul Sorvino has appeared in as many as 150 movies and TV shows in a career that stretched back to 1970. As a tribute to the late actor who passed away this year, Jacksonville got the opportunity to see his final film. Sorvino’s last movie, The Ride, was filmed in Jacksonville and even produced by a long-time resident of the city, and made it much awaited at the 5th annual Southeast Regional Film Festival. The Ride has an impressive cast ensemble starting with Savanah Joeckel as a pregnant woman who is suddenly made to face important life decisions.

Actors Dean Cain and D.B. Sweeney also star in the film. Sorvino and his wife, Dee Dee, played a couple (Paul and Dee) who helped Joeckel along her journey. Movie producer Jessica Roszko mourned the actor’s death while remembering how he really wanted to do it and how it was a big difference having people like that on the set. She added that Sorvino was constantly singing on the set and even improvised a heartwarming speech that is also included in the film. The movie producer stated how the actor just wanted everyone to be happy.

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