Where is The Love Club Filmed? Locations for the Canadian TV Show

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The Love Club: Filming Locations
The Love Club: Filming Locations

A lot of movies and TV Shows have come into existence which entirely focus on entertaining people with this particular concept of relationship. The entire concept is pretty fun and never fails to win the fans over. This is what “The Love Club” has focused on.

The Love Club TV Series emphasizes bringing out the fun and interesting side of love and friendship projected through the lives of 4 women who are really close buddies. The Love Club is a pretty interesting TV Series than the other average romantic drama series in existence.

It is because the series contains a single season which comprises four main episodes. Each episode talks about the love life of the four primary characters. Filled with a lot of interesting events with the appropriate amount of twists and turns, this Romantic Drama television series has received a ton of positive responses from its fans. It has been one of the successful television series owned by the W Network.

Not only do I love the story, but it even talks about the concept of friendship. The creators of the television series have given equal importance to projecting the beauty of friendship to that of the feeling of love to the audience.

The Love Club owns a cast list that includes several newly-introduced acting personalities. The quest of all the main characters to find their true love gets the fans pretty excited and hyped up. Every main character is given an equal amount of screen time in the entire series. Each episode of The Love Club Television series contains each of the main characters taking turns to play the lead.

Episodes from the TV Series are named according to the character who is going to play the lead in that particular episode, such as Nicole’s Pen Pal, Sydney’s Journey, Lauren’s Dream, and Tara’s Tune. Fans have considered this television series one of the most interesting romantic drama series released in recent times. Read along and find out more about the plot of The Love Club.

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The Love Club: Filming Locations
Stars from The Love Club

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The Plot of The Love Club 

The story of the romantic drama, The Love Club revolves around the lives of four female individuals who deal with the concepts of love and friendship. These female leads have been best friends since college, giving them accurate chemistry with each other. Each of the main characters was facing some sort of hindrance in their love life back then.

Thus, the friend group took a unique oath during a new year eve’s party. The oath was to help each other out when a relationship crisis hits their love life. This was the origination of “The Love Club.” Nicole, Sydney, Lauren, and Tara are the main characters in this television series.

These individuals form the Love Club. Each episode of the series tells us the story of a main character who is faced up with a relationship issue. The issue is then dealt with with the help of The Love Club through the efforts of fellow friends in the group.

The story shifts ten years after the friends proceed to form The Love Club after taking the oath at the party. “Will the friends be able to find and make their true love last long together?” is something for the audience to discover. Read along and find out about the filming locations of The Love Club.

The Love Club: Filming Locations

The entire series of Love Club was filmed in multiple regions situated in and around the country of Canada. The shots really differ from each other from episode to episode, and there was a constant need to change the surrounding in order to match the ambiance of the scenes.

The city of Hamilton in Canada proved to be the key location of the entire series, as most of the important scenes were shot there alone. Several scenes were filmed in and along the borders of Ontario.

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The Love Club: Filming Locations
Hamilton City, Canada

Even the town of New Hamburg came across several scenes in the Television series. Each episode which had each female character in the lead, was filmed in multiple places situated in and out of Ontario.

Each scene of the Television series was up to the expectations of its creators and the audience as well. If you are someone who is in search of a feel-good series that revolves around the concept of love, drama, and comedy, The Love Club is a good choice for you.

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