Karamo Brown’s Husband: The Queer Eye Star Ended His Engagement And Is Now Ready To Tie The Knot With His New Partner

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Who Is Karamo Brown's Husband
Karamo Brown (CC: CNN)

Want to know about Karamo Brown’s husband? Yes, we are talking about Netflix’s Queer Eye star, who is currently making headlines for sharing that his “biological clock is ticking.” Okay, what does that mean?

Well, Karamo is set to tie the knot with his new boyfriend, and fans can’t keep their excitement intact. It’s increasing day by day. That’s obvious! But who is he? Before getting into further discussion about what’s going on in Karamo Brown’s life, let’s briefly learn about his prominence.

Starting from the basics, Karamo Brown is a famous television personality who reportedly made a lot of fame from the show, The Real World: Philadelphia, aired on MTV. Hailing from Houston, Texas, Karamo is now 42 years old. Last year, in September, he started a self-titled eponymous talk show for NBCUniversal. That’s great! 

Besides his popularity with shows, Karamo Brown also has gotten some great acting skills. Did you not watch him on Raven’s Home? He played the character of Miguel Harris. Some of Karamo’s few other acting credits are- Where the Bears Are!, The Princess Diaries, Miracle Workers Season 3, etc. 

Coming back to Karamo Brown’s personal life, his relationship with Ian Jordan was very much known to the people. Isn’t it? Why? Because it was for a long-time and ended after a decade. Yes, they called off their engagement.

Who Is Karamo Brown's Husband
Karamo Brown called off his engagement with Ian Jordan, amicably (CC: Entertainment Tonight)

Keeping that aside, the thing which has gotten better is Karamo has moved on and has someone very special in life. Who is he? Moreover, the new love birds are planning for their marriage. Wow! If you are looking for who Karamo Brown’s husband is, here is what we know. 

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Meet Karamo Brown’s Husband: Who Is He? 

It’s very absurd to address someone as Karamo Brown’s husband. Why? That’s because the Queer Eye star is not yet married. However, he was engaged to his former love interest, Ian Jordan. The latter is professionally a director. When did it happen? It took place in 2018 but called it off after a couple of years, more precisely in 2020. That’s okay! Not all relationships, irrespective of longevity, are meant to last forever. 

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What was the reason behind Karamo and Ian ending their relationship? Well, they cited it to have happened amicably. 

Not to forget to mention, Karamo was willing to tie the knot with his former partner, Ian. But, it all went wrong during the pandemic when both realized that they needed to prioritize and work on something else rather than their relationship. So, it didn’t just work, and both handled it maturely. 

While discussing Karamo Brown’s husband, we may address his new love interest- Carlos Medel, to be the one. Why? The love birds are ready to exchange their vows. In case you are wondering about his identity, Carlos is a photographer. 

Who Is Karamo Brown's Husband
Karamo Brown and his love interest, Carlos Medel (CC: Page Six)

On the note of Karamo Brown’s future marriage with his beau, Carlos, the former cracked a joke. He said, “I’m trying not to be the boyfriend that pressure while also dropping hints.” How did things start between Karamo and Carlos? The former accidentally liked one of his pictures on Instagram. And the rest is history! 

To be more particular about Carlos Medel, Karamo once shared that his new partner shoots for big brands. In addition to that, he also mentioned one to be Kylie Cosmetics. Wow! That’s great. Even though both are planning for their marriage, no date or timing has been disclosed yet. 

Best Wishes to Karamo Brown for the upcoming days of his life. You may give The Real World star a following on his Instagram account. What for? To get more insights into his relationship. Being his fan, we are eagerly waiting for Carlos Medel to become Karamo Brown’s husband officially. 

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