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One Piece Episode 1027 Release Date: Zoro And Law In Action!

One Piece Episode 1027 Release Date Details
One Piece Episode 1027 Release Date Details

One Piece Episode 1027 is going to be released on its weekly schedule, and we are hoping it to be as good as One Piece Episode 1026. Episodes like 1026 of One Piece do justice to the anime and bring out the hidden potential of anime would be like. We have seen One Piece episodes far stretched and losing the focus of the viewers. Despite the great animation, the episodes weren’t worth it because of their pace. However, we had the first big round of the battle between the emperors and the supernova with a bang animation. We are hoping the same for One Piece Episode 1027. Let’s get into detail.

So, What will happen in One Piece Episode 1027? Well, we have our theories regarding One Piece Episode 1027. But we won’t know what will truly happen until the episode is released. So, in this post, besides discussing the events that may take place in One Piece Episode 1027, we will also give you all the details you may need regarding it, like its release date and time and where you can watch the One Piece Episode 1027. However, before we get into all that, let’s take a look at the recap of One Piece Episode 1026 and jog our memories. Here we bring you the latest One Piece Anime Updates.

One Piece Episode 1026 “The Supernovas Strike Back! The Mission to tear apart the Emperors!” – Recap

Orochi continues to burn the castle from the inside while cursing Kaido and the rest of them. Whereas, The red scabbards are on their way to Kanjuro to stop him from Killing Momosuke. On their way, they encounter Orochi, who threatens to kill them, and they have no idea that Kaido has decapitated his head.  The red scabbards take Orochi for a fool, and each of them harmed Orochi when he transforms into the snake form. They move on to way stop Kanjuro while Raizo stays behind to fight Orochi’s loyal ninja.

One Piece Episode 1026 Recap

Luffy, Law, and Kid

Meanwhile, on the rooftop, the fight between the emperors and the supernova continues. They plan to separate the emperors. While Kaido fights Luffy, the others fight Big Mom. Kaido’s Bolo Breath blows away Luffy, but Law and Kid grab his hand and launch him toward Kaido to blow a heavy punch. One by one, Kid, Zoro, and Law captured the Big Mom’s weapon and make her fall into the sea.

What to expect from One Piece Episode 1027?

I bet after watching the previous episode, fans around the world are expecting One Piece Episode 1027 to be as good as One Piece Episode 1026. More than half of the episode was focused on the battle on the rooftop between the emperors and the worst generation of pirates. While Luffy was fighting Kaido, the others did their job successfully separating Big Mom and making her fall into the sea. Is she dead? Well, it’s too early to say anything. We are expecting to see her whereabouts in One Piece Episode 1027.

Whereas Luffy fought Kaido alone. So, there are repercussions of fighting an emperor alone. The title of One Piece Episode 1027 is “Defend Luffy! Zoro And Law’s Sword Technique!” The preview for One Piece Episode 1027 showed us that the heavy blow Kaido injured Luffy, and now they must protect him from Kaido. We even saw Big Mom sinking into the sea. Whereas, Zoro and Law will use their best sword technique to defend Luffy, including Zoro’s nine sword technique imitating Ashura. Check out the release date for One Piece Episode 1027 below.

One Piece Episode 1027 Preview


One Piece Episode 1027 Release Date And Time

One Piece Episode 1027 will release on Sunday, 31st July 2022. As for the timing of the release, the Japanese fans will get to watch Episode 1027 of One Piece at 09:30 hrs Japanese Standard time (JST). The US fans will get this episode at 17:30hrs Pacific Time (PT)/ 18:30 hrs Central Time (CT)/ 20:30 hrs Eastern Time (ET) on Saturday 30th of July. And, for the Indian fans, the 1027th Episode of One Piece will be available at 06:00 hrs Indian Standard Time (IST) on Sunday, 31st July 2022.

Watch One Piece Episode 1027 Online – Streaming Details

All the latest episodes of One Piece will be first broadcasted on the Japanese Local Television networks such as Fuji TV and others every Sunday. After a few hours, new Episodes of One Piece will be available to stream on platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation for international viewers.

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