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Andor Episode 4 Aldhani Shooting Locations Revealed!

Still from Andor official trailer
Still from Andor official trailer

Another Star Wars series has been released, and in a very short span of time, it has already grabbed the attention of everyone. With a focus on Cassian Andor’s ascent through the forces of the Rebel Alliance, Disney+’s newest series Andor uncovers a fresh Star Wars galaxy-spanning tale.

The program traces Cassian’s development from a small-time robber into an unexpected rebel hero as it traces the growing rebellion against the Empire. Like all Star Wars movies, this series has already amazed everyone with its amazing graphics, VFX, and shooting locations. Many of the audience is curious about the shooting locations of this series.

In this article, we will learn more about the series, and then we will look at the various locations that were involved in the making of this series. We will learn about the cast’s experience of shooting in these locations.

What’s Andor all about?

Andor is a Star Wars-related American science-fiction thriller television series that Tony Gilroy developed for the Disney+ streaming service. It is also promoted as Star Wars: Andor. The Rogue One prequel series Cassian Andor (2016) follows the former criminal-turned-Rebel snoop Cassian Andor through the five years before the events of the 2016 Star Wars spin-off movie Rogue One.

The series chronicles an extensive cast of characters as a Rebel Alliance is developing in resistance to the Galactic Empire, starting 5 years before the incidents of Rogue One (2016). Cassian Andor, a robber who turns into a rebel and ultimately joins the Rebellion, is one of these figures.

Andor Episode 4 Aldhani Shooting Locations

In addition to the renowned Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, filming for Andor took place all across the UK. There were many outdoor settings used, including Little Marlow in Buckinghamshire, Middle Peak Quarry next to Wirksworth in Derbyshire, Winspit quarry in Dorset, and the Coryton Oil Refinery in Corringham, Essex. In the Disney+ series, a space base was reenacted in the old refinery, which is now a commercial hub. The structures, many of which are older than a century, provide the ideal setting for simulating Empire-era structures.

VFX and animations in Andor

VFX and animations in Andor

Additionally, Cruachan Dam in Perthshire, Scotland, which was heavily featured in the show’s promos, and the surrounding Glen Tilt were used for filming. Cleveleys on the Fylde Coast, close to Blackpool and Scotland. Andor’s squads were located close to the Cruachan Dam, close to Glasgow, Scotland, for the sake of the Season 1 plotline.

While the building’s interior and tunnels were utilized for the filming, several artificial sets had to be created from scratch. Many of the series’ scenes—which are meant to occur in isolated, preserved areas of the Empire—were able to be filmed by the Andor crews in these sparsely populated, distant locations.

How was the Crews’ Experience in these Shooting Locations?

According to Diego, the production team worked very hard to get shots on location in areas like Pitlochry, Scotland. The actor said, “We had to go up a mountain for hours to put up one picture in Pitlochry, Scotland. The massive effort is really risky to get there.

Andor Shooting locations

Andor Shooting locations

For shooting at the neighboring Cruachan Dam in Oban, Scotland, over 500 crew members headed there. He told us that the whole procedure was quite exhausting, but as we can all see in the series, it was well worth it.

Andor Epsiode 4 Aldhani Recap

In this week’s episode, Mon Mothma made her series debut. Her comeback has been a major component of the advertising for Andor. She is under constant strain, as seen by a dinner party she hosts later in the episode, even though Luthen is pressuring her to send money to the Rebellion despite the danger to her life.

Andor grudgingly decides to join a group of rebels who want to plunder the Empire the night preceding their mission-for a fee-after a short back-and-forth with Luthen. Andor hasn’t faced a conflict as difficult as the one he’s going to have with the Empire, despite the fact that he’s been only motivated by survival instincts up until this point.

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