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Gold, Lies & Videotape Episode 1: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Gold, Lies & Videotape Episode 1 trailer
Gold, Lies & Videotape Episode 1: Release Date

Gold, Lies & Videotape Episode 1’s air date is sooner than the viewers may realize. We are here to acquaint all the readers, new and old, with the Gold, Lies & Videotape’s premise, cast, and streaming guide along with the Gold, Lies & Videotape Episode 1’s release sedate. 

A new six-part documentary series on Discovery called “Gold, Lies & Videotape” is poised to send fans on the greatest treasure hunt. The Noss clan’s attempt to unearth riches hidden in a New Mexico hill worth $28 billion in today’s value is the focus of the said series.

Doc & Babe Noss supposedly found a cavern filled with wealth on Victorio Peak earlier in 1937. This trove included gold bars, jewels, and currencies. Accidentally blocking the only entry while attempting to collect the prize, the show claims this caused “a chain of tragedies and, eventually, murder.”

Gold, Lies & Videotape Episode 1 trailer

A still from Gold, Lies & Videotape.

After that, the state seized the property, forcing the family to relocate. According to the program, stories of others, notably rogue public officials, stealing the gold bars and the Peak over time “started to circulate, resulting to lawsuits, bogus claims, with clues reaching all the up to the White House.” Terry Delonas, the Noss’s grandchild, is still battling for entry to the hill and the mythical wealth.

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What is the premise of Gold, Lies & Videotape?

A $28 billion wealth hidden deep within a rock in the New Mexico wilderness is what one clan claims is properly theirs, and they have been seeking to recover it for more than 70 years. The nearly 17,000 gold bars and precious artifacts are said to have been stolen by the U.S. government, but debunkers contend that they never existed.

For the first time ever, the relatives and those who support them have made exclusive proof public to support their claims and solve the riddle surrounding Nation’s largest wealth tale. Victorio Peak’s real story was never revealed, but it is now.

However, the story will now be told by the group behind the Emmy-nominated hit series McMillions and Stephen Levinson, Mark Wahlberg, and Archie Gips’ Unrealistic Ideas. In a cave inside New Mexico’s Victorio Peak’s cliffs, thousands of gold nuggets, pieces of jewelry, and coinage were discovered by Doc & Babe Noss in late 1937.

A terrible mishap during the excavation of the riches shut the single access to the cavern, causing a chain of disasters and, in the end, murder. The family was forced to leave the Peak when the state acquired the area for the White Sands Weapons Range before it was restored.

The Noss clan has been plagued with Victorio Peak-related issues ever since. Terry Delonas,  Babe and Doc’s Grandson, now carries the burden of his family’s important Discovery of hidden riches. Just after the family left Victorio Top, there were stories of other people stealing the Peak and the gold bars, possibly renegade federal officers.

Gold, Lies & Videotape Episode 1 trailer

A still from Gold, Lies & Videotape.

This sparked litigation, bogus claimants, and hints that led to the White House. Terry was a pain in the U.S. Side of the government for the past 49 years due to his unwavering quest for information and admission to the hill. It is because of his desire to uncover the wealth many people believe is still there.

Filmmaker Alex Alonso has traveled with Terry and has captured every moment of the journey, from the sacred corridors of the U.S. Capitol to caves down within the hill. Collectively, they have gathered a sizable collection of images, papers, and videos dating back to the early 1900s.

What is the format of Gold, Lies & Videotape Episode 1?

The premium docuseries explores the occurrences from Doc as well as Babe Noss’ exploration in late 1937 to Terry mounting a huge expedition in the late 1990s, uncovering eyewitness reports, killing, an accusation of state cover-up, a correlation to the Watergate proceedings, numerous U.S. heads of state, and a lot more.

Gold, Lies & Videotape Episode 1 trailer

Gold, Lies & Videotape’s gold treasure.

It also includes first-person and contemporary discussions and never-before-seen film clips, such as pictures of the treasure. The real Victorio Peak tale is now being revealed, and there are still tens of billions of gold at risk.

When is the Gold, Lies & Videotape Episode 1 Release date?

Gold, Lies & Videotape Episode 1 release date is Friday, January 13, 2023. Gold, Lies & Videotape Episode 1 will premiere on Discovery in the U.S. at 10 pm. Gold, Lies & Videotape Episode 1 will stream on the streaming services listed below at nearly midnight JST (January 14), 8.30 am IST (January 14), 2 pm AEDT (January 14), and 3 am GMT (January 14).

Gold, Lies & Videotape Episode 1: Where to watch

Gold, Lies & Videotape Episode 1 will premiere on Discovery at 10 pm in the U.S. At the same time, the worldwide user and watchers can also stream Gold, Lies & Videotape Episode 1 via the Discovery go app and sorcery plus app at the time listed above. The international fans must cross-check the times listed here with their local area times.

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