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The Pale Horse Ending Explained


The Pale Horse is a miniseries of two episodes, and both of these episodes were broadcasted on BBC One in 2020. Fans are still wondering what happened at the end of the show. Was it any different from the novel? Were there any intentional changes to the ending? Was this mystery solved? Stay tuned till the end of the article to have all your answers and to find out The Pale Horse explained ending.

Sarah Phelps, the screenwriter for The Pale Horse, is popularly known for adding her twist to the original story. The Pale Horse is an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel. This heavy show popularly shows how someone killed a person in pure jealousy, whereas someone else had killed someone for money. Were any of them justified? Were they guilty? 

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What Parts Are Kept The Same In The Pale Horse From The Novel? 

In Agatha Christie’s novel and the Television Show The Pale Horse, the killer is the same. The killer for both had been Zachary Osborne, and to everyone’s surprise, there had been no involvement of magic, and people were dying due to the involvement of thallium.

Clients had a belief that they were hiring witches. These witches will help them against their rivals with unique powers of their own, but unknowingly, they hire Osborne. Osborne showed up as a workman and poisoned the victims with thallium poisoning making their death look natural. The killing spree was believed to be caused by heart attacks. Luckily, the mystery was resolved, and this brutal murder had come to an end. 


What Is The Ending Of The Pale Horse?

The television show, The Pale Horse, has a main villain Zachary Osborne who has been running a twisted, painful scheme. He has a job to remove obstacles/ problems from people’s lives by killing these people. What clients think to be the work of witches is Osborne’s work of poisoning people and making their death look like a heart attack.  

Zachary accepts his payments through bank transfers, and none of their clients has seen him. His clients don’t choose him. Rather, he chooses his clients or, in this case, victims who unknowingly ask him to murder. His target group of people is people who have suffered and would be willing to harm the person who had made them suffer.

He writes to these people through letters and awaits their response. Their response to his letters decides the fate of the person in hand. This is where the witches play a role in Zachary’s mission.


The innocent witches have no clue about Osborne’s work. Osborne sends his clients to a trio of witches at The Pale Horse to have their fortunes told by the witches. While the clients believe to be availing of these services, they are providing all the information he needs. Clients tend to believe that these killings aren’t illegal as they are happening through magic.

But, as no one suspects, Zachary Osborne acts as a workman and plants the poison in the victim’s house, which makes the killing illegal by having thallium included in the procedure. 

What Happens When The Witches Become Suspicious? 

Initially, witches have no idea of being used in Osborne’s scheme, but somehow they start joining the dots together. They realize a pattern of reading fortunes for people, and then those people are found dead. This starts becoming more clear when they are constantly reading the obituaries of these people.

The witches confront a repeated client Jesse Davis. Ms. Davis is Zachary Osborne’s helper in the scheme. She unfolds in front of the witches after they scare her a little. Osborne realizes that the witches might be onto something and, thus, decides to poison Jesse as well. 

Luckily, just before Jesse dies, she writes a list containing all the names of clients that had been dead and slip this list in her shoes which is later taken by police in the form of evidence. 

Where To Watch The Pale Horse?

If you are intrigued by the ending of The Pale Horse and want to understand this story better, you can watch the series on Sony Liv with your subscription to the platform. You can also watch this series on the official platform. The official platform for the miniseries is BBC One. Stream this show on your choice of streaming platform and enjoy this intriguing brilliant screenwork. 

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