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You Are Too Much Cast: See Their Intriguing Chemistry!

You Are Too Much Cast

You Are Too much has a terrific cast as well as an interesting storyline! The Korean drama is directed by Baek Ho Min (Jang Bo-ri Is Here!) and screen written by Ha Chung Ok (Woman of Matchless Beauty, Park Jung Kum). You Are Too Much’s plot surrounds around four main characters Yoo Ji Na, Yoo Gina,  Lee Kyung Soo, and Park Hyun Joon. Yoo Ji Na is a forty-five-year-old singer who has been lending her voice to comfort people. She is also a pop diva who is known far and wide for her glamorous looks and soulful voice. However, Yoo Jina, who has everything, becomes envious of her impersonater Yoo Gina.

Yoo Gina, aka Jung Hae Dang, is a thirty-three-year-old that has been working as a singer ever since her father left his job and her mother died. She wants to become a global singer, but her dreams seem quite out of reach. The only person who makes her feel special is her boyfriend. This is what Yoo Jin is jealous of. Lee Kyung Soo is Yoo Jina’s son who was abandoned in an orphanage when he turned out to be blind from birth. Lastly, Park Hyun Joon is Park Sung Hwan’s eldest son and is planning an act of terrible revenge.

The You Are Too Much cast had truly done an awesome job in portraying the roles of their characters! It would be a surprise that you do not like the acting skills of the You Are Too Much cast. Get to know the talented You Are Too Much cast here!

1. Uhm Jung Hwa

The first member of the You Are Too Much cast is Uhm Jung Hwa! Uhm Jung Hwa has been in the acting industry for years now and has an evergreen acting career. Some of her popular Korean dramas include Marriage Is a Crazy Thing, Dancing Queen, and Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung. She is also a part of the Refund Sisters along with Lee Hyori, Jessi, and Mamamoo’s Hwasa. Uhm Jung Hwa made a return to K-dramas this year with Our Blues. 

you are too much cast

Uhm Jung Hwa

2. Jang Hee Jin

This member of the You Are Too Much cast, Jang hee Jin, started her career as a model for fashion magazines like CeCi, Marie Claire, and Cindy the Perky. Making her acting debut in the K-drama Nonstop 5, Jang Hee Jin has grown popular for Big, The Woman Who Married Three Times, Scholar Who Walks the Night, The Village: Achiara’s Secret, Mirror of The Witch, and On the Way to the Airport.

Jung Hee Jin

3. Koo Hye Sun

Along with being an actress, Koo Hye Sun is also a singer, songwriter, and director. She has been popular as an ulzzang and also began her acting career through Nonstop 5. Koo Hye Sun’s list of popular K-dramas include Pure In Heart, The King and I, Boys Over Flowers, Take Care Of Us Captain, Angel Eyes, and Blood.

you are too much cast

Koo Hye Sun

4. Kang Tae Oh

Kang Tae Oh is an actor who has been gaining fame through Doom At Your Service, Run On, The Nokdu Flower, and My First First Love. He is making a comeback through Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

Kang Tae Oh

5. Jung Gyu Woon

Jung Gyu Woon is particularly known for his roles in Birth of A Beauty, Wonderful Mama, and Oh My Venus. He has not made a comeback to K-dramas since You Are Too Much but is planning to act in the Chinese drama My Goddess, My Mother.

Jung Gyu Woon

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