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Alaska Daily Filming Locations: Sets Explained

Alaska Daily Filming Locations: Sets Explained

New shows debut during the fall tv season each year. Alaska Daily on ABC has so far been entertaining to watch. The first episode of the 10-episode season aired on October 6. The drama immerses us in the world of award-winning investigating journalist Eileen Fitzgerald, who sets her elevated New York lifestyle behind after falling from favor.

She relocates to a daily metropolitan publication in Anchorage, Alaska, after fleeing the Big Apple for corporate and personal life forgiveness. Her new position requires her to investigate the epidemic of abducted and killed Indigenous people in the province of Alaska alongside Roz Friendly, a newspaper colleague. To produce and publish reports on the issue, the two work together.

Hilary Swank, an actress, plays the part of Eileen Fitzgerald, and Grace Dove plays Roz Friendly. Jeff Perr, Meredith Holzman, Matt Malloy, Pablo Castelblanco, Ami Park, as well as Craig Frank. These actors are paired with the two female characters.

Alaska Daily Filming Locations: Sets Explained

Where was Alaska Daily Filmed?

The majority of the new ABC series’ episodes, according to Distractify, were not shot in Alaska. Most of the show’s filming took place in Burnaby, a Canadian city in British Columbia. For various moments, the production team also had camera crews at Dettah, 1st Nations settlement in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

The news source claims that the place was chosen to represent the show’s made-up town of Meade. However, the Eileen actress confirmed to Boston Herald in an interview that one of the episodes was shot in Alaska. Nevertheless, she didn’t say which one. Let’s get a detailed view of all the filming locations of Alaska Daily.

British Columbia’s Metro Vancouver

The majority of “Alaska Daily” was filmed in the Metro Vancouver area, which has Vancouver at its heart. The cast and crew started the season 1 production schedule in Vancouver, where the United States Embassy was reconstructed at the Fort Film Studio at 1745 West 8th Avenue & Pine Street.

It seems that some of the first season’s sequences were filmed nearby at 1950 Franklin Street. The film crew also visits Steveston, which is a community in the Richmond region, and Burnaby. In addition, Cloverdale, a city square in the district of Surrey, served as the location for a fire scenario for the first season.

Alaska Daily Filming Locations: Sets Explained

The crew set up a fake diner entitled Rita’s Diner in a public parking lot to get the required shot. More movies and television shows have also been made in Metro Vancouver, including “Lou,” “Thor: Love and Thunder,” “Devil in Ohio,” & “Quantum Leap.”

Squamish, British Columbia

On the northern end of Howe Sound, in the community and separate municipality of Squamish, additional segments of “Alaska Daily” are recorded. The Squamish Spit & Estuary, a well-liked tourist spot with stunning sights of the Stawamus Chief, was the location where the production team especially shot numerous sequences.

On Shannon Falls Road, which connects to the famous Shannon Falls Provincial Park, several outside sequences were filmed. The tourism industry and outdoor sports, including hiking, kiteboarding, windsurfing, & river rafting, are the key economic drivers in Squamish.

Alaska Daily Filming Locations: Sets Explained

North Slave Region, Northwest Territories

Important scenes from “Alaska Daily” are shot in the North Slave Region, the Northwest Territories’ most populous administrative region. A few sequences from season 1 were seen being filmed by the cast and crew in the First Nations Community of Dettah.

While a mock cemetery was built on the set for several scenes, the band office was designed to seem like the Meade police station. A senior living facility’s exterior was additionally transformed into the City Hall. In addition to Dettah, Yellowknife plays a significant role in the series production.

Alaska Daily Filming Locations: Sets Explained

Anchorage, Alaska

It makes it logical for the filmmaking crew to shoot the background shots in Alaska because the program is set there. They primarily established their campsite in Anchorage, the biggest city in the state and located on Cook Inlet.

Alaska Daily Filming Locations: Sets Explained

The city is renowned for its vibrant culture and hosts numerous tourist attractions, including the Alaska Native Heritage Core, Flattop Mountain Nature Reserve, Anchorage Museum, and the Alaska Botanical Garden.

Where to Watch Alaska Daily?

All episodes of Alaska Daily are available to stream on ABC the day after, and anyone with the required subscription can watch it on Hulu. Viewers can choose between an ad-inclusive plan for $6.99 per month and an ad-free one for $12.99 per month. The whole first season of Alaska Daily is available to stream on the ABC website.

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