Gold Rush: White Water Season 6 Episode 16: Preview, Release Date, Streaming Guide

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Gold Rush: White Water
Gold Rush: White Water Season 6 (Credit: Discovery Plus)

An adrenaline rush, they want to do something thrilling, is capturing the hearts of us these days, isn’t it? Having had to sit in our homes for so long, nothing is better than the rush of some good thrill. But well, from the couch. We have the best recommendation for you! Gold Rush, no, not the Taylor Swift song, but the thing that comes just as close, a reality television show that enthralls us as professionals trying to dig out gold quite literally from the most peculiar sites.

Digging out gold quite literally is not an easy job. There are a lot of challenges that one has to face. Imagine digging out gold in Alaska, then! As incredible as it sounds, that is exactly what we see in the spinoff version of Gold Rush, that is, Gold Rush: White Water. Gold Rush: White Water Season 6 is here to give you the time of your lives. 

Gold Rush: White Water is a spinoff of the original show that came out in the year of 2010 and won people’s hearts from the start. This was a unique concept brought out by the Discovery Channel, giving the audience a glimpse of what gold digging looks like, the possible problems one can face doing so, and the triumph of bringing the treasure home!

Traveling worldwide and trying to bring dig out gold from the regions, there are a lot of different versions and locations that this series has been filmed at. It was likely that there would be a lot of spinoffs and special episodes for the show, too; one such is Gold Rush: White Waters. This spinoff first premiered in November 2018, and its popularity is evergrowing and continuous. This spinoff currently has six seasons in total, with the sixth season going on currently.

The sixth season of the series came with a ride of its own, the season originally premiered on November 11, 2022, but it took a three months long hiatus because of various reasons and rumors. In January of 2023, the hiatus started, and the show came back only in the month of April of 2023, but the fans had been waiting for this for so long that the show was showered with almost double the amount of love. Season 6 of the show comes with high stakes, lots of drama, and an increasing number of challenges. The rush is indeed high for this one!

Gold Rush: White Water
A still from Gold Rush: White Waters (Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

Since the show started, it was clear that this was a special season for one of the “Dakotas,” the veteran in the field, Fred Hurt with increasing age came experience but also the danger that envelopes him and his aging health. For this season, we have the “Dakotas” Fred Hurt and his son Dustin Hurt, Dustin’s complete crew, and also Kayla, who has people’s hearts. 

The show is set in Alaska, where the miners and their team consisting of people with experience in different fields, go on to the place where records state that gold presence is high. Crossing rivers and climbing mountains from the very first episode to reach the spot and then diving into Alaska’s regions to look for gold, with each episode, the wait for the next one gets harder. This show, produced by Tim Dalby, is one to keep your eyes on. Continue to read as we tell you about the upcoming episode and its release date. 

Preview and Release for Episode 16 of Gold Rush: White Water Season 6

Above shown is a trailer for the Season 6 of the show Gold Rush: White Waters, released in 2022. To give a preview of the season until now, Fred Hurt has decided to risk not only his life but also a lot of finances for this season by investing in a part of Alaska that is legendary for its sources but is equally hard to be looked for.

It was only the start, but they were running short of their vital resources to go on, a medical emergency, diving into dangerous waters, and the innumerable challenges thrown at them by nature, the team for the show persists through it all. Because, as the first episode title says, ‘fortune favors the bold.’ In the last episode that came out on the 26th of May, 2023, we saw how all of the crew, along with Fred, Kayla, and Dustin, are hard at work and make a discovery that turns things around.

As for Gold Rush: White Water Season 6, Episode 16 is set to release on Friday, 2nd June 2023, and is likely to show us the approaching storm that has now taken its lead n the show. The gold so close yet so far, will it be held on to? Nature has put the crew of the show out for a test again, but can anything stop them? We are just about to find that out as the show approaches its end. Episode 16 is anticipated to be around an hour long, just like the others, and will be out at 09:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). The upcoming episode’s title is “Hell from the Heavens.”

The Discovery+ network will air the episode at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). New episodes for the series are released every week on Fridays. 

  • India – 06:30 am Indian Standard Time (the next day)
  • Britain (United Kingdom) – 02:00 am Greenwich Mean Time (the next day)
  • Australia – 11:00 am Australian Eastern Daylight Time (the next day)
  • Germany – 03:00 am Central European Time Zone (the next day)
  • Canada – 09:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (the same day)

Where to you Gold Rush: White Water Season 6 Episode 16?

Gold Rush: White Water
Gold Rush: White Water Season 6 (Credit: Discovery+)

Episodes of the show Gold Rush: White Water are easily available on Discovery+ to be streamed at any time. New episodes can be caught on to, on the timings mentioned above. The episodes can be streamed at any time from any place or country, you can watch it on Discovery+, which comes as a standalone service, or you can on your Prime Video app or website after getting yourself a subscription for the same.

The thrill of going out there in the field and trying to equip gold is hard indeed, but it is just as easy to watch the show sitting in the comfort of your home. Do not miss out on the fun! Watch it before the bloopers start rolling in. I will meet you in the next article. Until then, Sayonara! 

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