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Escape From Pretoria: Ending and Plot Explained

Well, we have seen a variety of prison escape films that have been made in Hollywood. One such was The Shawshank Redemption that provided us with a powerful insight into what life inside prison does for you. There were characters who adopted the jail as their home and when they got out, there was nothing left in the world for them except for loneliness.

One such recent entry in the entertainment industry was Escape From Pretoria. Rather than being a classic, this film has proved to be an exact opposite tale. It throws light on the politics that are played inside the jail. The film has the world-famous actor Daniel Radcliffe performing the role of Tim Jenkin in this take of prison life. As for his character, he is a real-life South African political prisoner.

The concept on which this story is based is pretty simple. So this guy, Tim, helps his colleagues, who are a white bunch of prisoners along with him in Pretoria Maximum Security Prison, to escape the place without the officials knowing it. Now, you might get angry as we are handing out spoilers but are they really? I mean, ever since the story was released, everyone knows that these guys are going to escape prison as the tale is inspired by a real event.

This event was then followed by the officers trying to find out about these people who broke out of jail and get them back in custody. This search went on for years through national as well as international grounds. Despite all of that, the story is pretty intriguing to watch. As for the characters in this film, we have actor Daniel Webber who enacts the character of Stephen Lee.

Escape From Pretoria -What is the story?

Then we have Ian Hart who plays the part of Denis Goldberg. Before these characters break out of prison for real, we are provided with a lot of prep scenes that make us attached to them even more as we go through their daily prison routine as well as their personal trauma. But till now, you might be thinking that this tale is just like the Shawshank Redemption as it really was giving off that vibe. But no, Escape from Pretoria is a scary film with a scary Daniel Radcliffe scaring all the audience (too much scariness in one line).

This fact surely adds up to the uniqueness of the film because honestly, right now, there are hundreds of prison escape films but none can compete with the themes that were shown in Escape from Pretoria. For instance, the movie also showcases how the people in prison are treated and discriminated against on the color of their skin. In one of the scenes, we witnessed the prison guard yelling at a prisoner of color. The guards did not stop at this, they even have called out Lee as well as Jenkins for being a traitor to their race.

Escape From Pretoria – Release date

This tale can be easily regarded as one of the best examples of the director’s work. Francis Annan, with this tale, has portrayed everything that happened during this incident and how the characters escaped from super-tight security. There are such a variety of emotions involved in Escape from Pretoria that the audience can not help but love the story. So, there is drama and horror for sure. But then there is also a sub-plot setting where the characters discuss the son of Goldberg.

These all factors add up throughout the story and make the audience truly connect to the characters. It also provided us a reason as to why these people escaped from such top-notch security in the first place. While Lee and Jenkins were sentenced to years of prison, they really could not tolerate the discriminating judge as well as the guards who looked down upon them. At the end of the story, the viewers get sympathized with the condition that these people were in and start resonating with their thoughts. The film was released in the cinemas back on the 29th of February 2020.

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