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Anime Review – Black Clover Episode 162

Black Clover Episode 162
Black Clover Episode 162

Black Clover anime sees Dante, the leader of the Dark Triad, making a move personally. The Clover Kingdom thought that they would be the ones to attack the spade kingdom. But to their surprise, the spade kingdom beat them to its and attacked out of the blue. The dark triad has mighty dark mages from their devils. All the executive members of the dark triad have devels possessing them. This gives them at least stage 0 powers.

The weakest individuals in their ranks even give Yuno a hard time. It took Yuno’s full powers to defeat him finally, but Yuno was no match against the dark triad’s Zenon, who easily defeated him. Zenon attacked the headquarters of the golden dawn looking for Vengeance, an arcane stage mage. The Dark Triad is going around various kingdom looking for arcane stage mage and kidnap them.

Zenon went to kidnap Vengeance, while Vanica went to the Heart Kingdom and Dante himself went to take Yami, whom he recognizes as an arcane stage mage. The Dart Triad attack is now full scale as all of their members are deployed. This would likely spell doom for all the kingdoms under attack; we can only wonder how they will defend against them as this looks almost impossible to defend.

We know the mages have trained for six months, and their improvement is astonishing. But the dark triad is just too powerful. Black Clover Episode 163 will continue with the story next week when it comes out. New episodes, as usual, will stream online on Crunchyroll and Funimation with subtitles. Dubbed episodes are also coming about, but they are behind in episodes count.

Black Clover Episode 163: The Dark Triad Target Arcane Stage Mages

Black Clover Episode 162

Dante and his Devil

The Dark Triad seems to have a very suspicious plan where they are targeting arcane stage mages. This makes one wonder what this could mean and what they want to do with them. Maybe they have some ways of taking their powers and Grimoire and make them theirs. Because we had already seen a hybrid grimoire before, which appeared to be ripped in two, and then two different grimoires were rejoined. Maybe the dark triad has something similar in pursuit of power.

Zenon mentioned that Vengeance would be useful to the dark triad, so apparently, they have used it for the arcane stage mages that they are collecting. The Dark Triad Attack was unexpected and took the clover and the heart kingdomes by surprise. The training was complete, so all the mages focused on their final moments before the war started. To their surprise, they were attacked when everyone was disorientated.

Lucky for the golden dawn, Vengeance made it back in time just after the captain’s meeting ended. But unfortunately for the Black Bulls, Yami took a little longer to return but thank Asta. Who kept Dante at bay until Yami returns, but that will be in the next episode, and then we will find more about what Dante plans to do with Yami.

Things did not go bad for the Black Bulls, or rather, we should say that they got the lesser evil. Dante attacked the black bull base and decided to toy with them while waiting for Yami to return. So we would like to think that he kept them alive this time because he had no intention to kill them. He only fatally wounded Gauche to gauge Asta’s reaction, which seemed to be out of control of his devil’s powers.

Asta Keeps Dante at Bay Until Yami Returns

Black Clover Episode 162

Asta vs. Dante

Unfortunately for the golden dawn, they were met with Zenon, who wanted to kell everyone but Vengeance, the arcane stage mage that he was after. Things did not end well for the golden down as at least half of them are dead. We are also not sure if Yuno will continue fighting as he has a fatal injury that was partially healed thanks to Vengeance’s magic. Back at the Black Bulls Base, Dante easily toys with everyone while Yami is away.

Asta, as a fellow devil powers wielder, appeared t not stand a chance at first. Even though Dante wanted to toy with them first, it looks like Asta pushed him to use more of his powers. When Zenon attacked the golden dawn, he used up to 55% of his power. But he held back at first, and it took the efforts of Yuno to bring him to use 55% of his devil powers. He uses bone magic devil powers, which easily devastated even the golden dawn’s captain.

In Asta’s case, his devil powers forced Dante to go right away at 50% powers. And together with his squad members, Dante was forced to use 60% of his powers right away. This overwhelmed them, and even Asta went out of control, and his powers were able to keep up with Dante. We still don’t know much about the devils and their powers at this point in the anime.

But Asta seems to have powerful devel powers and managed to fight evenly with Dante at 60% of his powers. Fortunately for everyone, Yami made it back, and he will now face Dante head-on. This will be an interesting encounter, and it will continue in the next episode of Black Clover.

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