Kingdom Chapter 747: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

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The war rages on and the two armies are in the midst of an intense battle. People are dying all around and questions arise about whether sacrificing so many lives for one person is honorable or if the greater good is the ultimate and right cause. Kanki and Riboku face each other with Kanki gaining the upper hand.

Morals and ethics are questioned as the two side fight with differing belief systems. Who is right and who will win the war? Kingdom is a manga created by Yasuhisa Hara. The serialization of this manga is done in Weekly Young Jump magazine and is based on China’s Warring States period.

Before we dive into the recap and release date, here’s a short synopsis of the story of Kingdom. Xin and Piao are good friends and both of them have lost their families at a young age due to the ever-raging war in China. But the war hasn’t crushed their dreams as the two fight and train rigorously to one day become great generals.

But tragedy strikes when one day Piao is taken away to the royal court for mysterious reasons and comes back a few months later, dying. He begs Xin to travel to a certain village named Qin and dies. In the other village, Xin meets the young king Ying Zheng and he realizes that he looks exactly like Piao.

He comes to know that Piao was used and sacrificed to save the young king’s neck. Xin was enraged at the king but he, later on, befriends him and even helps him with claiming back the throne from his rival. Xin joins the military after that and becomes Ying Zheng’s right-hand man, helping him in the goal of ending the war in China.

Throughout the story, Xin never lets go of his dream to become a powerful general and trains hard to achieve it.

Kingdom release date
Xin from Kingdom

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Kingdom Chapter 746 Recap

Amid the battle between the armies of Riboku and Kanki, Ringyoku is faced with the dilemma of whether to attack Riboku or protect Kanki. He later decided to stick with Kanki as a flashback of young Kanki aided him in making the decision. He yelled at his comrades to take care of Riboku for him.

Kokou aimed for Futei as he heads for Kanki and shot at him. But Futei dodged the arrow at just the right time. But Kokuou did not give up and she battled with all her might targeting Futei. Zenou and Bafuuji were in conflict and Bafuuji gave his all to protecting Riboku.

Kanki watches all the mayhem unfold and laughs asking whether one person’s life is really worth all this death and destruction. Riboku replied and said that war is about fighting for the greater good and that death and sacrifice were part and parcel of war. But if the commander dies, it would mean that it was the end for everyone.

Kanki gathered his soldiers and when on an attack with Riboku as his target. He would stop at nothing to kill him. Riboku said that the one who was going to die that day would be Kanki and no one else but the war seemed to be going in Kanki’s favor.

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Kingdom Chapter 747 Release Date

The wait is over for the next chapter. Kingdom chapter 747 release date is on Wednesday, February 1, 2023.

Here are some much-awaited spoilers for the next chapter. Kanki and Riboku are engaged in an all-out battle and Kanki speaks while fighting. He says that his strategy is much better than Riboku’s and that Riboku’s army was weak compared to his superior one.

But Riboku does not let Kanki’s words affect him as he continues to battle intensely. However, things start to look up for Riboku as Shin had arrived bringing along with him his army. They take on Kanki’s soldiers and slowly but surely the war starts to go in Riboku’s favor.

Kanki is at a loss but orders his men to focus solely on Shin hoping that if Shin dies, his army will lose spirit.

Where To Read Kingdom Chapter 747?

Kingdom is available to read from the internet but none of the sites are legal. However, you can read it in Weekly Young Jump magazine. You can read the digital copy by buying it on Amazon or Kindle.

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