Kierra Henderson Net Worth

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Kierra Henderson
Kierra Henderson (Image Credit: The Trucking Guru)

The products you get at the retail distribution centers come from the manufacturing plants through trucks. It gets said that truck drivers must have a high school diploma or GED, a clean record, and certifications according to the job.

However, Kierra Henderson has overcome all odds and become an icon in the trucking industry without any GED or High School Diploma. She is known as ‘The Trucking Guru’ and started an American trucking company named ‘The Trucking Guru.’

After going through the ups and downs, Kierra owns 41 eighteen-wheeler trucks. It is how she has served the community while hiring and providing fair work to many felons. You will find many women entrepreneurs in the trucking industry, but finding a multi-millionaire women entrepreneur in the same industry is rare.

Born in Dallas, Texas, the multi-millionaire Kierra has seven younger siblings and is the oldest of all. She learned the tactics of establishing and spreading the trucking empire from her father, who has a different success story in the same field.

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Kierra Henderson’s Career

Kierra started as a dispatcher, an entry-level position in the logistics industry, more than fifteen years ago. Later, she got promoted to a manager. However, the job ended suddenly, and she began working from home. She used to dispatch the products to the owner-operators she was already in contact with.

The single mother of three, Kierra, knows that the trucking industry can significantly contribute to the American economy in numerous ways. Thus, she guides people across the world to get independent and boost the recession-proof industry to contribute to the economy.

Trucking Guru provides transport and dispatch facilities according to more than 45% of contracts in the petroleum and oil industry. TTG (The Trucking Guru) ships to the USA territories, states, and APO/FPO addresses within one to three business days.

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It does not provide refunds because it transports irrevocable and non-tangible goods, and this refund policy gets mentioned in the product description. Similarly, the company does not offer installation, server configuration, update implementation, code editing, performance optimization, or help with third-party services.

Kierra Henderson And The Trucking Guru Logo
Kierra Henderson (Left) And The Trucking Guru Logo (Right) (Image Credit: Hip Hop Vibe, The Trucking Guru Store)

Kierra Henderson’s Net Worth

As mentioned in the introduction, the 41 eighteen-wheeler trucks get included in the 116 trucks owned by Kierra. Similarly, her contract deals cost more than $100 million. According to her official website, her company has collectively earned more than $1.1 billion.

So, Kierra’s net worth turns out to be more than $100 million. Helping women, minorities, and felons stand out of the crowd and earn more in the trucking industry is her motto.

Trucking Guru has created more than 18 millionaires and more than 132,000 followers on Instagram. The company helps people with financing through the funding program. Accordingly, it may lend between $10k and $400k within seven business days. For that, the self-employed people must earn at least $50k, and the typical salaried employees must earn at least $27k.

Both must have no bankruptcies. Kierra’s earnings are enough to secure the financial security of her parents and a few upcoming generations. However, it depends on whether she wants her upcoming generations to inherit her money or earn it on their own. She believes that the trucking industry can help others get generational wealth too.

The TTG merchandise contributes a bit to her income. T-shirts with only two designs are available on the website, and each costs $45. It works only through pre-ordering with no refunds. The t-shirts got available for pick up from 17 to 19 March 2023 in Dallas during the Trucking and Motivation event held by the company.

Kierra Henderson In An Interview With RealLyfe Productions
Kierra Henderson In An Interview With RealLyfe Productions (Image Credit: RealLyfe Productions/YouTube)

How Kierra Henderson Helps Others

Kierra helps business aspirants form their trucking businesses through The Trucking Guru University. Accordingly, it helps the enrolled people learn about trucking, business formation, documents, role, fundamental skills required for a dispatcher, laws, regulations, and more.

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The passionate and ambitious individuals from the company and the on-demand training ensure that the interested people get answered for every related question. Accordingly, many people praise the efforts of The Trucking Guru and Kierra. They advise others to attend the live events organized by her.

Kierra, through her company, has also created young entrepreneurs who are currently in their twenties. She is active on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube through her company, The Trucking Guru.

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