Who Is Eden Polani? The Teen Model Spotted With Leonardo DiCaprio

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Who is Eden Polani? This teen model is currently making a lot of fame after getting spotted with the Titanic actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. Wait, what? Yes! Fans are already very much convinced that the two must be dating. The question is whether the news is true. Well, there is a huge age difference between them, where Eden is 19 and Leonardo is 48. But, who cares about the age when in love? Let’s not make further assumptions! 

Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t need any introduction. Still, to the newbies, you must try out watching some of his notable works, like The Titans That Built America, The Loneliest Whale: The Search for 52, Growing Pains, and Greensburg. Have you not watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s last year’s television work, Theodore Roosevelt? 

Being his fan, you will be happy to know that Leonardo DiCaprio is set to release his upcoming project, Killers of the Flower Moon. He is the producer of this Western crime drama. 

Talking about Eden Polani, people have already started addressing her as Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend. Last year, the actor reportedly broke up with the model, Camila Morrone, who is now 25 years old. Their relationship was quiet for a long time, as it started back in 2017. So, Eden Polani isn’t his first young girlfriend. Well, Leonardo DiCaprio was previously criticized for dating women having a huge age gap. What about Eden? Who is she? If you are looking for the details of Eden Polani, here is what we know. 

Who is Eden Polani
Eden Polani

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Meet Eden Polani: Leonardo DiCaprio’s New Rumored Love Interest 

Talking about Eden Polani, the teen model seems to have stolen Leonardo DiCaprio’s heart. Are they dating? Neither of them has confirmed the news though. But, who waits for the official announcements? These days, hints are enough to conclude something, especially when it’s about the romantic involvements of celebrities. 

It was at Ebony Riley’s extended play release event, where Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted sitting next to the teen model, Eden Polani. Since then, they have been sparking romance rumors. It is reported that there is no such thing between them and everything was a coincidence. But, do you believe that? On the other hand, it is also very silly to think about their relationship just because they sat together. There were other people too, at the music party. 

Who is Eden Polani
Leonardo DiCaprio and Eden Polani spotted together at a music party, sitting next to each other

Keeping Leonardo DiCaprio’s suspected relationship aside, people have been curious to learn more about Eden Polani. Who is the teen model? 

Professional Career 

By now, you must know that Eden Polani is into modeling. To be more precise, she is signed to the agency named, ITM Model Management. As a model, she started her career working for Glamour magazine.

Birthplace & Personal Details 

When it comes to Eden Polanyi’s birthplace, she hails from Israel. However, because of her work, she now resides in Los Angeles, California. 

Born in 2003, Eden Polani is 19 years old, as mentioned already. Every year, she celebrates her birthday on 21 March, along with her family and friends. Eden appears to be a fun-loving, cheerful girl. Concerning her birth year, it’s just three years after Titanic was released. Can you imagine the age gap? 

What about Eden Poland’s education? Well, nothing much about it is known. However, her high school studies got interrupted because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Yes, she is this young! Still, she is reportedly a high school pass-out. We are unsure if Eden Polani is pursuing further education. 

Who is Eden Polani
Eden Polani


It’s not known if Leonardo DiCaprio and Eden Polani are secretly dating. But, the latter is clever enough to make some changes online and earn more fame. Why? Well, after getting spotted with the actor, the teen model changed the caption of one of her recent posts and made it to the red heart emoji. It seems like Eden Polani is enjoying her name getting romantically linked with Leonardo DiCaprio. Who wouldn’t like this? 

Best Wishes to both, Leonardo DiCaprio and Eden Polani. We are hopeful that their relationship rumors are true. Well, let’s just wait for them to officially announce it before making any assumption online. 

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