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Five Guys A Week Episode 15 Release Date: Did The Show Impress The Viewers?

the lifetime dating show
Five Guys A Week 2022

The dating show Five Guys A Week has women in control over their dating scene. Unlike dating shows like The Bachelorette, this series is on its way to bringing out a new meta in dating reality shows. In this new project by Lifetime, the series comes with new surprises.

This show is not a completely new concept, however. The UK show with the same name, Five Guys A Week, which premiered in 2020, was the first one to ever follow this concept of a dating show. This series is merely a spin-off of the UK version but follows the same format. Lifetime premiered the 2022 show on the 13th of July and has aired weekly ever since.

This show opens with the 36-year-old Mercy, who also identifies as a social worker. After the show premiered on 13th July 2022, social media were full of fans’ comments. This season, Mercy chose five single men who are willing to date to move into her home. 

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What Is The Five Guys A Week Format?

Five Guys A Week gives women the power to invite the men they want to date. It features a single woman who invited five men according to her preference and moved in together for seven days. The five men will then compete against each other to win the lady’s hand. There are different challenges as they all attempt to live together. Again, the woman will be given the power to eliminate one man at a time till the number goes down to one. 



Not just that, the men will have to accompany the lady everywhere she goes, be it at a party or at her parents’ house. Since there will be six total strangers living together, there will be drama and chaos all around. With cameras on each corner of the house, the drama will reach your house with no difficulty.

Did Five Guys A Week Impress The Viewers?

From the beginning of the show, the viewers were eager to know what the show brought. It is hard to imagine living with one stranger for a week. Imagine five! But this is the very reason why people were first interested in this series. One complaint that always seemed to bug viewers is the length of the series. The viewers felt that the rounds were too short and that it was “moving too fast.” 


The Suitors for Mercy

Another thing that bugged a lot of the fans was the presentation. Since it is being shot in a home, there were not enough props. Some felt that it was too messy, and some said that the editing seemed underdone. They even informed me that they assumed this show to be a parody of dating shows. But it is also a delight to see a change in formats.

Many dating apps have already installed the feature where women are in control of who they want to interact with. Though the dating game series was not what the audience expected it to be, it has some qualities that keep the curiosity of the fans up. 

Five Guys A Week Episode 15 Release Date

The fifteenth episode of the series will be released on the 14th of September 2022, Wednesday. Five Guys a Week will air on Lifetime at 10:00 pm EST. In other time zones, it will be broadcasted at:

  • 7:30 am IST on 15th September 2022, Thursday
  • 7:00 pm PST on 14th September 2022, Wednesday
  • 9:00 pm CST on 14th September 2022, Wednesday
  • 11:00 am JST/KST on 15th September 2022, Thursday
  • 12:00 pm AEST on 15th September 2022, Thursday

How To Watch Five Guys A Week Episode 15?

Besides Lifetime, you can also find this show on Apple TV, Roku, and Hulu Live TV with the required subscription. To access Hulu Live TV, you can pay a monthly amount of $68.99 per month and access the Hulu ad-supported plan at $7.99 per month. With the Apple TV subscription of $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year, you can access this show as well. With Roku, you can stream for free since there are no monthly fees for the site yet if you have a Roku device. 

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