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Preview and Recap: The Resident Season 4 Episode 8

Preview and Recap: The Resident Season 4 Episode 8

‘The Resident,’ the Medical Drama, is reaching its Winter Finale. Nic had got attacked by a patient and was recovering. She and Conrad seem to have been relaxing before their baby finally arrives. Just then, Conrad receives a call in which he finds out that his former Army commander is stranded with bullet wounds in the forest. So, he must go fetch him to get him into the OR. For this operation, he asks for Austin’s help, who was busy with Mina in a cardiac operation. But, Austin believes she can do the job on her own. Therefore he leaves her.

‘The Resident’ Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

Conrad’s former Commander being brought to Chastain.

‘The Resident’ Season 4 Episode 7 titled ‘Hero Moments’ follows up with Conrad and Austin, who go in the operation to retrieve the bullets. During this, they could not find a bullet, and it seems to have gone missing. Later, as the Commander wakes up, they have an idea that maybe the bullet had shifted to some other location. On getting a full X-Ray, they find the bullet to be lodged near his neck, which could move to his brain. This would cause a stroke; therefore, an operation was necessary. He is quickly taken to the OR, and the operation is a success. Later, Conrad shows the bullet to his commander, who asks him to throw it away.

Ms. Williams, the Dancer

Elsewhere, Devon and Kit try to treat Ms. Williams, who had excruciating pain on her hips due to sickle cell anemia. She wants to use painkillers, but Devon tells her that she will be given the meds if they can take an X-ray of her hip. They find out that she needs a hip replacement and try to convince her to get the surgery done. She initially refuses as it could be too risky but later gives in. She was a dancer, and her hips were very important for her. The operation was a success, but she is further anemic as the blood they had provided wasn’t compatible and new blood was on the way. Devon starts to blame himself, but they are able to rectify their mistake by providing her with compatible blood. In the end, Ms. Williams is greeted by her dance recital friends.

Preview and Recap: The Resident Season 4 Episode 8

Ms. Williams and her surgery.

While all this was going down, Mina was still in operation. She faces some complications but takes charge to make things right. The operation was a success, and she realizes that she need not be looked after anymore. And was more than capable of doing an operation on her own.

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When will Season 4 Episode 8 Release?

‘The Resident’ Season 4 Episode 8 titled ‘First Days, Last Days’ is set to be released on 9th March 2021. The episode airs at 8 pm ET every Tuesday. Be sure to change the above time to your time zone to watch the episode as soon as it airs. You can watch ‘The Resident’ when it airs on Fox or even catches up with the previous episodes on Fox’s official website. Other websites to stream ‘The Resident’ are YouTubeTV, FuboTV, and DirecTV. Episodes are even available for purchase on Hulu, Vudu, and Amazon Prime Video.

Mina’s immigration status is a threat.

The Resident Season 4 Episode 8 Preview

‘The Resident’ Season 4 Episode 8 titled ‘First Days, Last Days’ follows up with Nic. After healing from her injuries, when Nic returns on her first day back at Chastain, she comes face to face with her attacker. The man was admitted to the ER, and seeing him causes her to confront her trauma head-on. The Winter Finale of ‘The Resident’ will deal with 2 aspects of a job where one may have their first day while others may have their last. Meanwhile, Cain will become self-conscious of his physical state and is therefore blindsided by karma. He was about to lose everything; therefore, as soon as he gets up, he plans on vengeance. For this, he sets his eyes on the overqualified Surgical Resident Mina, whose immigration status is threatened.

As it all goes down, on the lighter side of things, new intern Leela on her arrival, both struggle and shines throughout her first day. This causes Devon and Conrad to be skeptical about her, thus wondering if something bigger was going on.

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