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My Hero Academia Chapter 361 Release Date: Bakugo Won’t Give Up Yet!

My Hero Academia Chapter 361 Release Date Details

My Hero Academia Chapter 361 will be back next week without a break and will probably continue the fight between Shigaraki aka All for one and the rest of the heroes. After Shigaraki plays with Bakugo and his feelings he has moved on to a new set of heroes to play with. We were all looking forward to seeing the big three in the action. Yes, we did however, Bakugo is not done yet as well. After fighting up close with Shigaraki, he has realized that he is no match for him. Even though his right arm is severely injured he has not lost hope and maybe has something planned.

What is it that is making his eyes sparkle? Yes, My Hero Academia fandom is looking forward to that hoping that we will see the answer in My Hero Academia Chapter 361. Well, we cannot say what will happen for sure but the least we can do is theorize about it. So for this post, besides discussing the events for My Hero Academia Chapter 361, Otakukart will also give information like its release date and where you can read My Hero Academia Chapter 361 for free. However, let’s take a quick recap from the last chapter of My Hero Academia Chapter and jog our memories. Here, we bring you the latest My Hero Academia series updates.

My Hero Academia Chapter 360 Recap

The chapter continued with Shigaraki butchering Bakugo. He tells the latter that he would make a lovely present for Midoriya and will be raged upon seeing Bakugo all beaten up. Before Shigaraki can continue to assault Bakugo, Nejire comes with her projectile beams and Tamaki uses his scorpion stings to poison Shigaraki. However, that does stop Shigaraki at all and uses his hands to further cause destruction.

My Hero Academia Chapter 360 Recap

The Big Three

However, that distracts enough for Mirio to capture Bakugo and take him away. Mirio tells Shigaraki that he is alone which is why he wants to bring the current system. The Big three continue to fight Shigaraki. Whereas Jeanist tells Bakugo that he is no use in the battle anymore but they still need his firepower. However, after taking a close look at Bakugo, Jeanist realizes that he is not yet finished.

My Hero Academia Chapter 361 Raw Scans And Spoilers

My Hero Academia is currently displaying the final arc and the final battle. We all are looking forward to seeing Midoriya in action with his multiple quirks. However, the series currently developing up to that stage and showcasing other main characters and their will to protect and fight. From the last three chapters, the series has been focusing on our deuteragonist Bakugo. He had given up all of his in a move hoping that it will injure the villain however, it did not even make the latter fall.

In addition to that, our deuteragonist is on the last verge of his breath with a broken arm. What we all are hoping for is how come there is still some hope in his eyes in My Hero Academia Chapter 361. The chapter will most likely focus on the battle with Shigaraki and the big three. Whereas, Bakugo will show his last plan before Midoriya arrives.

My Hero Academia Chapter 361 Release Date Details

My Hero Academia Chapter 361 Expectations

Jeanist and Bakugo

The raw scans and spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 361 aren’t out yet. They generally surface before 2-3 days of the chapter’s release. Come back on Friday 29th July. We will either update this section or make a new article regarding My Hero Academia Chapter 361 raw scans and spoilers.

My Hero Academia Chapter 361 Release Date

Since My Hero Academia Chapter 360 came last week, some fans are wondering if My Hero Academia Chapter 361 is on a break? Well, there is no break announced and according to official sources, My Hero Academia will be back next week to delight us with a new chapter. My Hero Academia Chapter 361 is scheduled to release on Sunday 31st July 2022. New chapters of My Hero Academia come out every other Sunday unless a break is announced.

Where to Read My Hero Academia Chapter 361?

Once it is released, My Hero Academia Chapter 361 will be free to read on various platforms like vizmediamangaplus, and Shonen Jump’s official application. You can read the first three and the latest chapter for free. However, you will pay a minimum subscription fee to the aforementioned websites to read the entire catalog and other hundreds of Manga.

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