Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 57: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

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Critical Role Campaign 3

Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 57 release date is right around the corner, and it is making fans really curious. The series throws light on a Dungeons and Dragons web series, and right now, Critical Role is featuring its third Campaign. It started in October of 2021 and is still running strong. In the lead, we see gamers such as Marisha Ray as well as Ashley Johnson, and Laura Bailey, among other players. As for the Dungeon Master, we see the role being given to Matthew Mercer.

In this campaign, we see an actual play take place. In the lead, we see the Bells Hells. It happens to be a party of adventurers while they are trying to travel all across the continent of Marquet. This campaign was started almost four months before the Apogee Solstice. This is a celestial event where we see the ley lines of Exandria being modified along with the magical abilities increasing.

Critical Role Campaign 3 – Play Details

As for the party, it is soon drawn inside of the mystery. It is all about the second moon Ruidus which has started to appear in Exandria. All the folks are blind to superstition regarding the people who are born during the very random red flares of this moon. These folks are called the Ruidusborn.

Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 57 Release Date
Characters from Critical Role Campaign 3 – Credits:  Twitch

Soon the mystery of the whole moon is resolved. It is revealed that the gods made the Ruidus in order to capture an ancient evil called Ruby Vanguard. There are various forces who are trying to free her from the same, but there are also forces who are stopping them from doing so.

The Bells Hells are some such who are trying to prevent the destruction from happening by keeping the charge of the Malleus Keys. These are some of the magical devices that Ruby Vanguard built before her imprisonment, which could help the evil to aid her escape. Thus, in order to protect the realm, the characters will have to save the device from falling into the wrong hands.

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Critical Role Campaign 3 Story

The entire story of Campaign 3 is set directly after the second one. It was revealed by the media platforms that Marquet is actually home to a variety of deserts as well as mountains and a volcano. These places have not been explored in the show just yet, and thus, it would be interesting to see where we are heading up with the plot this time.

As for the characters, almost all of them are coming back from the previous campaigns. These are Dorian as well as Orym and Fearne. They were also featured in Exandria Unlimited. Initially, there were no plans to keep the two characters moving after Campaign 2, but the players enjoyed them so much that they just kept moving forward with the same.

As for Daymond, this was a special guest brought over for Campaign 3 especially. Willingham is also playing with Chetney, the player’s second character. He has previously played in a non-canon one-shot with a previous character which inspired the build of this one.

Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 57 Release Date

Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 57 release date is on the 4th of May 2023. The episode will drop on Twitch of Critical Role Productions at 7 PM Pacific Time. It will also be available to watch through the channel’s YouTube platform. The episodes release every week on Thursdays except the last Thursdays of the month.

How to Watch Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 57?

Critical Role Campaign 3 Episode 57 will be available at the mentioned time on Twitch as well as YouTube, the official channel.  Here is a list of time zones for international fans in various locations to watch.

  • India – 7.30 AM Indian Standard Time (5 May 2023)
  • Europe – 2 AM Greenwich Mean Time (5 May 2023)
  • Australia – 1 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (5 May 2023)
  • USA – 7 PM Pacific Time (4 May 2023)
  • Canada – 7 PM Pacific Time (4 May 2023)
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