Why Did Larry David Leave Seinfeld? Reason Behind His Exit

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Why Did Larry David Leave Seinfeld
Larry David left Seinfeld after Season 7 (CC: Vanity Fair)

Want to know why Larry David left Seinfeld? The comedian is making headlines for showing enthusiasm for Carnegie Hall’s ‘curb’ appeal. Keeping that aside, for now, fans are lately wondering the reason behind Larry’s sudden exit from the sitcom. It was surprising to everyone as he served as the co-creator of Seinfeld, along with Jerry Seinfeld. Before getting into what went wrong, let’s briefly discuss Larry David’s prominence. 

Larry David, a well-known television personality, gained further fame for creating the show, Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO. Born in 1947, Larry is 75 years old and hails from New York City. He has great comedy skills, and when it comes to it, he excels in observational, improvisational, cringe, and deadpan. 

Little did you know, Larry David also served as the writer for Saturday Night Live. Now, he often makes guest appearances on the show. In case you aren’t aware, he successfully earned nominations for 27 Primetime Emmy Awards and 3 Golden Globe Awards because of his excellence. 

Returning to Larry David’s sudden departure from Seinfeld, he served on the show for seven years. So, it was quite shocking to everyone. When did it happen? It was after Season 7. Well, it was not a burnout, but he had some valid reasons behind making the decision. If you are looking for why Larry David left Seinfeld, here is what we know. 

Why Did Larry David Leave Seinfeld
Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld: The Creators of Seinfeld (CC: Distractify)

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Reason Behind Larry David Leaving Seinfeld After Season 7 Revealed 

No. Larry David didn’t have any feud with Seinfeld’s castmates. He left the show on his deeds and had a valid reason behind it. The major reason for Larry David’s departure from Seinfeld was that he wanted to try something new. On this note, he said, “I had been there for seven years, and that’s a long time to suffer the way I do in my daily life,” David joked.

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He added that seven years is quite a long time for someone to serve as an executive producer of a show like Seinfeld. Larry also clarified that it had nothing to do with having bad blood with the cast. He said, “No, it wasn’t burnout.” 

After the Season 7 finale, he reportedly started to feel immense pressure off-camera. Eventually, he had a fear of the content quality of the show after so many years. He was afraid that the show writers would miss out on some interesting topics that would affect the show badly, Seinfeld.

Why Did Larry David Leave Seinfeld
Larry David (CC: The New Republic)

In other words, Larry David found it stressful, and things were not easy. It was also reported that he thought he had more responsibility than the co-creator, Jerry. So, he felt like it would fall on him if the show didn’t run well. Little did you know, Larry David was also rumored to have threatened to part ways with Seinfeld after every season. 

Larry David’s departure from Seinfeld was all about trying something new and having the planned things already done. While making a move, he felt ready, unlike the last time. 

Providing better content for each subsequent season was hectic for Larry David. Because of that, he decided to part ways or take a break for some time. Well, that was made permanent. Despite parting ways, the comedian stayed on friendly terms with each of the cast mates. Later, he realized that it was not him but Jerry Seinfeld who took more responsibility for the show. 

Things are great! It’s all good and is acceptable. After leaving Seinfeld, Larry David didn’t stop but continued doing wonders in his professional world, one after the other. Best Wishes to Larry David! Make sure you follow Larry on his Instagram account for more such updates. 

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