Kathy Bates’ Partner: The Miracle Club Star’s Dating Life

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Kathy Bates’ Partner
Who is Kathy Bates’ Partner? ( Credits: Apple TV)

Want to know who Kathy Bates’ Partner is? Iconic actress Kathy Bates needs no introduction! The star has been enjoying an acting career that is almost four decades long.  Kathy Bates has starred in supporting roles in box office hits, inviting Titanic and The Waterboy. Her role in the movie Misery grabbed huge critical and commercial applause that can also be considered her breakthrough role.

As Bates played the role of Annie Wilkes in the psychological thriller, the role earned her the prestigious Academy Award for Best Actress. Her television acting credits include American Horror Story, and she also starred in the HBO series Six Feet Under. Kathy Bates made a small guest appearance in the hit comedy sitcom, Two and a Half Men. The Academy Award-winning actress has been keeping her personal life away from the limelight for a while now. Let us find out who is Kathy Bates’ Partner.

Who Is Kathy Bates’ Partner?

While not much is known about Kathy Bates’ partner or her current relationship status, the actress was earlier married to Tom Campisi. Before marrying him, it was reported that the two dated for 14 long years. Like Bates, Tom also nails the acting industry as he has earlier starred in Spider-Man 2 and the popular television series, Law and Order. 

Kathy Bates’ Partner
Who is Kathy Bates’ Partner? ( Credits: YouTube)

Bates mentioned Tom in her appreciation speech when she bagged the Oscar for best actress for her role in Misery. However, the marital bliss was rather short-lived as they were married only for six years and later got separated in 1997.

While the actress has been tight-lipped about her personal life, Bates admitted in an early interview in 2015 that she fell in love with actress and singer Lasy Gaga. When asked who is her celebrity crush, Bates names some. of the leading men in the industry, the likes of Johnny Depp, Tom Hardy, and Xavier Dolan.

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Kathy Bates Talks About Her Roles and More!

While talking about her role as a lesbian woman, Kathy Bates admitted that she adores and admires co-star Sandra Oh, who played her girlfriend in the movie Tammy. The movie also starred Melissa McCarthy.

As Bates praised Sandra Oh, she stated how Sandra managed to bring a lot of love and warmth, and also revealed how it was Sandra Oh’s idea to have wedding rings which Kathy did not think about earlier, and she also pointed out how she felt like their relationship was the healthiest relationship in the movie.

Kathy Bates’ Partner
Kathy Bates (Credits: Vulture)

Kathy Bates explained how she believes ever how it was almost more difficult for women to come out as gay than it did for men. When asked about her dream co-star is the Misery star tackles another lesbian role, Bates mentioned Uma Thurman as she recalled how she once shared a plane trip with Uma Thurman and thought Thurman was pretty cool. The actress further admitted this he could see doing a movie with her and also having a lesbian relationship while jokingly saying that she might be a bit too old for Uma Thurman!

Kathy Bates Stars In The Miracle Club!

Fans are in for a sweet surprise as popular actress Kathy Bates stars in the upcoming comedy titled The Miracle Club. Bates stars alongside Laura Linney, Maggie Smith, and Agnes O’Casey. The movie is directed by Emmy-nominated director Thaddeus O’Sullivan.

The movie is set in the year 1967, and it follows the story of close friends that spans their generations Lily, Dolly, and Eileen. These hard-working women have one big dream that to win a pilgrimage to the French town of Lourdes. The place holds special significance as it is believed to be the place of magic, thus grabbing millions of visitors each year. However, the story takes an unexpected turn of action when an old friend named Chrissie comes into the town.

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