Most Popular Slice of Life Anime Every Fan Needs To Check Out

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There is definitely something very intriguing about witnessing the small moments from everyday life getting portrayed on the screen. In a story whose genre is all about a slice of life, we witness the characters who are pretty similar to us. We acknowledge the fact that they, too, are going through the ordinary struggles of life while also doing their daily business. There is really no focus on any tightly knit plot or maybe even a lot of action sequences.

Instead of all of that, this unique genre invites us to linger on the small moments and take all the things softly as well as slowly. They often teach us how to appreciate the little things in life and pay attention to what we usually are continuously taking for granted. Well, if you are a person who likes this sort of anime shows or even films, then we have got you covered. Here we have wrapped up some of the anime slices whose plot includes humor and romance, and sometimes magic.

Laid Back Camp

All you guys can consider this show to be cute girls who are all doing cute things. It is a subgenre of a slice of life while being a G-rated adventure in the outdoors. We witness that these high school girls ditch all the fast-food restaurants and karaoke bars and instead opt for camping at the weekends or whenever they can find time for it. The entire show is pretty relaxing and charming to witness. It also educates our fans about how camping is done properly. All the characters employed in the show are simple but also are adorable. Also, the scenery included is gorgeous.

Azumanga Daioh!

This animated show is based on the comic strip style of manga that goes by the same title. The show finds charm as well as beauty in the ordinary life of all the high schoolers. The main character of the show is just a bunch of eccentric girls. The story follows them as they get part-time jobs while also adopting some pets. We witness how they annoy each other on the field trips, and there is much more to the show than just this. There is just a little drama, though, that comes along with real stakes. This does not stop this anime show from providing us with an accessible and timeless gateway anime show for any person looking to start with Japanese anime shows. The series has also employed a quirky as well as hilarious opening credits song.

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Azumanga Daioh!

A Silent Voice

Well, this is an animated film on the list. The plot of this tale has been adapted from a manga series with the same name. It also packs a punch with its drama the fact that there is humor in it too. This time, the theme that which the story is based is about forgiveness as well as redemption. The show acknowledges Shoya Ishida, who was a cruel bully to his deaf classmate Shoko. But now that he is in high school, he is determined to make everything right with Shoko before it gets too late to do so. Well, is he going to find love, though? He might do it.

Only Yesterday

This anime show throws the entire spotlight on Taeko Okajima, a young working woman taking a trip to the countryside to visit her distant family while also taking a break from the hectic city life that Tokyo has to offer. The train ride she goes through while coming home brings her all the memories that she has of her childhood and the days during which she was in school. The entire narrative of the show is constantly switching between the past as well as the present.

This character contemplates the accidents that have left a lasting impact on her, and she wonders how much has changed from the point in time since that has happened. In the end, we witnessed that she is left with a quiet epiphany where she decides to settle down in the countryside. Well, Only Yesterday can be considered as a beautiful and meditative film that is full of the sense of wistfulness as well as nostalgia that gets bittersweet.

Dagashi Kashi

If a person is looking forward to something oriented in the direction of food, then this is a literal treat for you. This anime show throws light on a dagashi shop. It is a plate which sells cheap sweets as well as candies. Kokonotsu is the son of the person who owns this shop, and he has no intentions of running the shop after his father. It is because he wants to pursue his dream in the form of a manga artist. Later in the scenes, we come across a stranger called Hotaru Shidare, who comes on with the hope of recruiting the father of Kokonutsu to join the Shidare Corporation.

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It is an internationally renowned company of sweets which her family owns. Although, the father is only going to agree to this offer on one condition. The lady has been provided with convincing Kokonotsu to take over the shop, and thus, the father would agree to the deal. Given that dagashi shops are pretty rare these days, this anime series highlights the part of Japanese culture that might have been missed otherwise.

Dagashi Kashi

Kiki’s Delivery Service

This is another film by Studio Ghibli. It throws the entire spotlight on the adventures of little Kiki. She leaves her home, situated in the countryside, and travels to the big city on her own. She does so to live an independent life. Also, it is because she is customary for all the trainee witches. This is a coming of age film that is set within the slice of life genre.

It even has involved the elements of fiction in the plot. The ups and downs in the life of Kiki have been shown in this tale and how she makes new friends while starting to work on a courier service. She is set on delivering goods to people on her broomstick. Well, if you are a person who has already watched this entire film, then I am pretty sure that there is an anime series called Flying Witch that you will adore because it is based on a similar theme.


You guys should know that the show first started in the form of a visual novel that was later adapted into manga and audio dramas and anime shows, along with fans even getting a film out of it. The story throws the entire spotlight on Tomoya Okazaki, who is continuously skipping school while also lacking any sense of purpose that exists in life. Well, all of this recklessness changes when he comes across Nagisa. He decides to help her and her four friends revive the drama club of the school. Soon, we witness that Okazaki is again filled with purpose in his life, and he even has got all the motivation. All this while, the first installment of the series went on to achieve lukewarm reviews from the audience; the second one was pretty open to critical acclaim.

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Whisper of the Heart

Well, if you are a person who is keenly looking forward to a romance film, then I can not help but stop you in the tracks of your search because your answer is right here. Whisper of the Wind is that feel-good anime romantic tale that Studio Ghibli has created. The story throws the entire spotlight on the love story existing between bookworm Shizuku and Seiji, who is a violin maker, while also going to the same school. The show is full of all the heartwarming as well as humorous moments. There even is a story within a story sort of concept in this film when Shizuku starts dreaming of being a writer one day. Here, in this dream, she writes a fantasy story that features herself. All this while, this love story has been resolved pretty nicely at the end of the film.

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