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Six Days In Fallujah: The 12 Year of Controversy

Every first-person shooter game fan would know the game Six Days In Fallujah, a game which was kept on the side because of how controversial it was. But now the game is back in production and is going to be released very soon. The reason for the controversy is because it is based on the Iraqi War. Based specifically on the second Fallujah War, the game takes inspiration from actual members of the military who were present in the war and also from Iraqi civilians who lived through these times.

The game was first announced in 2009, with Konami supposed to be at the helm of producing it. The game was going to come out on all major platforms of that time, which were the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Six Days In Fallujah 2

But after word got around about such a game with having such an interesting concept behind it all, a lot of groups started voicing their doubts and criticisms about the game. Their opinion started to get international traction, and a lot of people shared the same opinion. This undoubtedly caused Konami to drop out, and the game was swept under the couch.

Atomic Games was the company behind the development of the game also came to a close in the year 2011. So with the producers dropping out and the developers leaving for good, all hope for the game was completely gone.

New Version

Now with the game back in action, the new developers are Highwire games. This new company is made up of people who worked on Halo, Destiny, Infamous franchises, and Airtight games.

Peter Tamte, who was the former Vice President of Bungie games, has founded a new company called Victura, and this company would be behind the publishing of this game this time. Peter Tamte was also involved in the first version of this game which never got released.

Highwire games have reported on the official website of the game that they have spoken to hundreds of soldiers and people who were present at the time of the battle. The game takes heavy influence from whatever the people have provided the developers with. The developers what to make sure that this is going to be the most authentic military shooter to date.

More About The Game

W don’t know much about the new version of the game, but we can work off of the information we have from the previous version given by Atomic Games. back then also the main goal for the developer was to provide us with the most authentic experience.

The first developers had done highly in-depth research about the battles they would be covering. They interviewed over 70 people who were US Marines returning from the war, Iraqi civilians, war historians, and more. They wanted to learn everything, especially the psychological complexity of battle.

6 Days In Fallujah 4

Another interesting concept about the game is the fact that the developers termed it as being a survival horror game. But horror here means something very different from what we think, it doesn’t have scary clowns or witches jumping around.

The horror this game is referring to is real-life fear induced from the battle, from the tactics used by insurgents that were all around Fallujah, from scenarios that are lifelike which show us how scary and dangerous war is. They have also stated that giving the players a sense of fear, horror, and misery faced by the marines is one of their main objectives with the game.

The deep research ran by the developers didn’t just include interviewing people who were present and there and who experienced all of this first hand, they also read tons of non-fiction books about the whole battle.


We have very little knowledge about what the gameplay is going to be in this game for the new version. But let’s look at what we know. The first developers had stated that the game would have completely destructible environments. This was made possible through a completely custom-made rendering engine.


6 Days In Fallujah 3

This first-person tactical shooter would have us following a squad of U.S Marines who were from the 3rd battalion. We follow them as they fight in the battle of Fallujah over the span of 6 days. This is going to be the first-ever game that would focus directly on the Iraqi war.

Release Date

The new version is confirmed to come out sometime this year, we don’t have a specific released date as of yet. When it comes to the case of platforms, only the PC version is confirmed. We will have to wait for more information from the game’s developers.

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