Anime Review: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 187

Boruto Episode 187
Boruto Episode 187

Boruto Episode 187 finally saw Kara in full action after Ao failed his mission to kill Team 7. But later on, the development of the events saw Boruto and his team surviving by a hair’s breadth. With a lot of conspiracies happening within the organization itself, Boruto and the others were saved. Currently, the inners are trying to investigate the traitor amongst themselves. And this introduces a lot of possibilities that could lead to unusual events.

Kashin Koji finally appeared before Konohamaru, seemingly killing Ao in the process. But it was not long before he trapped Konohamaru and his team as he was on the verge of burning them alive. The current arc has been developing a little bit slower. But now that Kashin Koji has made his full appearance, then things picked up the pace a little bit.

It was a little strange when Kashin Koji left Boruto and his team alive when he was so determined to kill anyone who has witnessed the crashed ship. He was sent to retrieve the vessel, something he could’ve accomplished easier, and even killed the rest of team 7. But him leaving them alive and even abandon his mission to retrieve the vessel brings up some loyalty questions.

So far, the anime has not yet explored the true intention of Kara and why they exist. But Jigen appeared as their leader, and all of the inners seem to respect him and are loyal.

In the last episode, Kashin Koji realized that Boruto also has Karma. This made him retreat and leave Team 7 and did not even bother to look for the vessel. Boruto Episode 188 will release over the weekend and see Boruto and his team finally come across the vessel. New episodes will stream online on Crunchyroll as usual.

Boruto Episode 187: Boruto’s Karma Activates

Things will cool down for a while as Boruto and his team head back to the leaf to report their progress. But the event that had just happened would leave one wondering why Kashin Koji just left them like that. I mean, that would slow down Jigen’s plans by a very long time. And will even require excessive measures to retrieve the vessel if it goes in the wrong hands. The last episode highlighted how things are in Kara, not all of the inners strictly follow Jigen, and each one might have their own personal motives.

Boruto Episode 187
Boruto Episode 187

Konohamaru and his team now head back to the leaf village, but they encountered an unconscious Kawaki lying on the ground on their way back. This might be from using his Karma as there were puppets lying on the ground. He managed to single-handedly defeat a lot of puppets that team 7 had no chance of defeating. So this would mean that Kawaki’s Karma has developed further compared to Boruto’s.

This will be useful information for the leaf and give them at least some time to catch up with Kara. Kara has sophisticated technologies and techniques that are way ahead of Konoha’s. Koji might have invited Konoha into all of these conspiracies going on. He might have his personal motives as he seems to have some relationship with Konoha. But next, we will see how Kawaki will blend in with Konoha, which will take some episodes.

Kashin Koji will also have to return to Kara’s hideout and report on his progress. And ofcourse, he won’t tell them that he let team 7 go and abandoned the vessel. But it will be interesting to find out what he will be reporting directly to Jigen.

Boruto Episode 188 and Updates

Boruto’s Karma might be another good news for Kara, so this might give them more options in terms of vessels as they now know that Boruto is Momoshiki’s vessel. It appears that Kara has been looking for Momoshiki’s vessel all this time. But this makes one wonder why did Kashin Koji let them go.

The upcoming episode will explore more on team 7’s part and their encounter with Kawaki. Since they found him unconscious, they will probably take him home with them, so he receives some medical attention. Then Konohamaru will report on the mission and the data that he acquired from the airship.