Anime Review: Black Clover Episode 165

Black Clover Episode 165
Black Clover Episode 165

This week, Black Clover Episode 165 brought up new power dynamics as the Dark Triad continued their attacks. The dark triad is led by Dante, Zenon, and Vanica, who possess two different types of magic. They can use their devil’s magic plus their own natural magic that they had before getting their devil’s powers. This was evident in Dante and Vanica using their secondary powers after they were cornered.

Black Clover anime will be ending with the release of Black Clover Episode 170 later next month. A special announcement will be made at the same time. For more details on the ending of Black Clover anime, you can read the full post: Black Clover Anime Ending in March. But for now, the anime seems to be continuing with the attack by the Dark Triad. With only five episodes left, the fight has just got intense as both Vanica and Dante shift to their higher forms of magic.

Hopefully, the anime will be able to wrap up all of this before its impending end. Otherwise, we will have to settle for a cliffhanger. More details about the anime’s ending will be broadcasted later. And this will probably be about when the anime is likely to return to the screens. Fortunately, the manga will continue, so you can use this time to catch up with the manga chapters. So for now, all we have to do is to wait for the big announcement at the end of March.

Black Clover Episode 166 will release next week and continue with the remainder of the anime adaptations. The episode will stream online on Funimation and Crunchyroll as usual. The anime has picked up the pace lately, and it seems like only two fronts are left for the war to end.

Black Clover Episode 165: Vanica’s True Powers

Vanica continues with her assault at the Heart Kingdom and has finally made it to Lorochipeka, who was with Mimosa and Noelle. Vanica explained why she had cursed Lorochipeka, and this was due to her devil, Megicula’s request. On top of that, Vanica possesses a unique ability that allows her Dark Disciples to be immortal as long as her magic is active. So right now, her Dark Disciples are wreaking havoc across the heart kingdom. No matter how much they are taken down, they revive, and the only way to stop this is to defeat Vanica directly.

Black Clover Episode 165
Black Clover Episode 165

Noelle is also set to avenge her mother, who Megicula killed. But Vanica doesn’t seem to be aware of this and has probably forgotten. On the other hand, Lorochipeka wants to free herself from Megicula’s curse. This means that it is not the first time Megicula attacks the heart kingdom. But her real intention besides that is not yet revealed. The Dark Triad is currently collecting arcane stage mages. Zenon has already captured Vengeance. And Vanica and Dante are busy with Lorochipeka and Yami, respectively.

The last episode gave us a cameo of a spy within the Spade kingdom. The person appeared wearing the black bull’s uniform, so it’s probably their vice-captain since he is the only one who has not appeared at the moment. So in the upcoming episodes, we will get his full view and why he is sneaking around the spade kingdom. For now, the anime is holding back at Yami and Dante’s fight and explores a little on the events at the heart kingdom. But these two scenes are likely to rotate later on.

Black Clover Episode 166 Updates

With the anime ending soon, we can only expect conclusions to the ongoing arc soon. So it might not be as intense as we thought since everything will need to wrap up. Unless the creators could settle for a cliffhanger, then fans are in for a huge disappointment. But for now, lest wait to see how the ongoing fights will be. Because only five episodes might be too short to explore the remaining fights.

We have not yet seen Dante using 100% of his powers, and now Vanica is at 70%, which is likely to be her maximum. But since this would mean her defeat, she will likely go beyond that so she can break free. It will probably have some disadvantages, but Vanica is the kind of person who could do anything to win. Let’s expect exciting developments in the upcoming episodes. To get a detailed schedule of the anime releasing new episodes this week, you can read our weekly anime news updates for a full schedule.