What Happened To Rocky Astro? K-Pop Star Park Min-hyuk Exit Boy Group and Fantagio

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Park Min-hyuk
Rocky Astro (CC: Getty Images)

Rocky, a 24-year-old K-pop sensation who entered Fantagio at a very tender age as a trainee, has left his K-Pop brothers behind in their group, Astro. What Happened To Rocky Astro? and Why did he leave Astro after being a part of it for more than six years? Read on o know the answer. Rocky was in fifth grade when he made his way into the company, Fantagio.

It is considered among the best K-Pop entertainment companies, which is supportive and less strict. Under the influence of the company, Rocky gave amazing performances for Astro, was cast in several successful K-Dramas, and was also involved in a subunit with his fellow ban-mate Jinjin – Jinjin & Rocky. Before Asro’s debut, all six members, including Rocky, starred in a web series called To Be Continued. 

Who is Rocky?

Rocky is the stage name of singer Park Min Hyuk. He was a member of the Astro Boy K-pop group that was labeled under Fantagio in 2016. He is a South Korean Actor, Singer, Dancer, and Rapper. Also, he was the main dancer and the main vocalist of the group.

Apart from his K-pop career, Rocky has appeared in a few K-Dramas, such as Soul Plate, Hyangjeon of Youth, and Find Me If You Can. Another hit drama in which he appeared was The Three Musketeers, a musical drama. As of 2023, he is not a part of the Boy Band as he decided not to continue the contract with Fantagio. 

Rocky Astro
(CC: Fantagio)

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What Happened To Rocky Astro?

In February 2023, it was confirmed that Rocky had decided not to renew his contract with Fantagio. Hence, he decided to quit Astro. After every other member, including MJ, Jinjin, Cha Eun-Woo, Yoon San-ha, and Moonbin renewed their contracts before December 2022, Rocky decided to have a word with the company.

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And it is said that they had a healthy talk, and it was Rocky’s choice to leave the company. So, they settled everything mutually. Fantagio wrote a post on social media wishing good luck to Rocky and also thanked the audience for giving unchanging support to him. They further said that Rocky wanted to make a fresh start independently. 

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Fans’ Reaction to Rocky’s Exit

Rocky’s exit from the group was definitely not acceptable to the audience. We all know that the fans of the K-Pop industry are way too sensitive and every little or big update affects them a lot. So, the confirmation of Rocky’s exit was questioning the Company, Fantagio and the mental health of the K-Pop star.

Well, some of the fans agreed with a video saying that Astro will never be the same without the dancer Rocky and the group is powerful when all six members are there in the group. However, Moonbin can never come back since he left us forever on April 19, 2023. Right now, there are just four members in the group after Rocky left and Moonbin died. Some of their fans heavily question the Company. 

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More About Park Min-hyuk

Rocky is a cheerful talented, and smart guy who was born in 1999 and hails from South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. He went to the same school as Moonbin to practice practical Music, and the school was Hanlim Multi Art School. Rocky always had an interest in dancing and singing, so when he was just a kid studying in fifth grade, he participated in getting into Billy Elliot. Later, in the same year, he was selected for one of the biggest South Korean entertainment industries as a trainee.

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Rocky Astro
Park Min-hyuk with his five other Astro members (CC: Fantagio)

In 2011, Rocky appeared on Korea’s Got Talent as a candidate, though he wasn’t able to win the show. Astro Boy group always had a strong connection among them, and they were cast together in a web series which is To Be Continue. After five years of being a Trainee, Rocky finally had his debut in 2016 as a member of the group. Rocky has a sibling who is younger than him, and he is part of another K-pop group, Haww, from Biscuit Entertainment.

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Rocky Astro on Moonbin’s Death

Rocky was shattered when he came to know about his friend Moonbin. He wrote a heartfelt handwritten letter dedicated to his late friend, Moonbin. The Boys of the band always had a very close bond among them which was clearly described in the letter he wrote. An unknown account shared the letter on social media. The letter described the precious bond between him and his 13-year-long friend.

He says in the letter that he wants Moonbin to visit him in his dreams. Also, he remembers the good old days when all the members and Moonbin were together and had great moments in tough times.

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