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Divorce Court Season 24 Episode 39: Release Date, Preview & Format

Divorce Court
Divorce Court Miriam Te'O from episode 38

Last Updated on September 25, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Divorce Court is an American television non-traditional court show that revolves around helping couples settle disputes and couples who are going through divorces. Divorce Court holds the record for being the longest-running court show of all time. Maybe people enjoy watching this show, as it is entertaining, and two, it also gives people insights into relationships, and viewers who might be going through the same problems in their relationships can take the aid of this.

From 1984 to 1993, the Divorce Court was hosted by the retired Supreme Court of California judge William  B. Keene. He was the jurist on the panel and throughout the show during that time. On January 20th, 2022, Divorce Court Announced that Star Jones would be the new arbitrator and jurist, and judge. She began hosting the 40th season of Divorce Court on September 19, 2022. She had history on the show and was the first black person to preside over a court show. She was also the first female to reign over court-based reality shows.

Divorce Court

Divorce Court Judge and Host, Star Jones

Divorce Court Season 24 Episode 38: Recap

In the previous episode of Divorce Court, Episode 38, the argument is between the couple Miriam Te’O and Anthony Bridges. In the episode, Miriam complains that her husband, Anthony, doesn’t contribute to the family and household financially. Miriam also makes a point to tell that she’s seen and noticed her husband hang out and be with other couples.

This argument went on, but he only defended himself by saying he does love Miriam, but he would also like her to keep an open mind. The couple had been together for four years, and Miriam described their relationship as going very well, and she thought that he was the one for her.

Divorce Court, Season 24 Episode 39: Preview

What happens in Divorce Court Season 24 Episode 39? In episode 39, we deal with the couple Henry Bromin and Julia Saavedra. The couple has been together for four years. Henry says that he is tired of Julia using and bringing up her religion as an excuse every time to not have sex with him. Henry is tired of this game and wants change.  But Julia argues that Henry needs to respect her boundaries and religion, threatening that they would be over if he overstepped the line.

When will Divorce Court Season 24 Episode 39 be released?

Many fans are waiting to watch a new episode of Divorce Court. The preview of the new episode piqued interest among watchers. But they don’t have to wait long until the new episode releases. The full events of what does down in episode 39 will be released soon. Divorce Court Season 24 Episode 39 will release on 26 September 2022. 

Divorce Court Show Format: Explained

In the previous seasons of Divorce Court, the cases shown were all scripted re-enactments of real divorce cases that were played by actors before the show’s format was iterated and changed. After being renewed in September 1999, the show’s changed format made a debut and has been like that to date.

The current iteration of Divorce court is were now former judges and attorneys actually judge and preside over real small cases and claims. This was initially made popular by The People’s Court and was made by Judge Judy, who had attained stellar ratings. Divorce Court now runs in this format.

Each episode of the revised format of the Divorce court is presented in the following format:

  • Attorneys from each side give their opening statements.
  • The plaintiff gives his/her side of the story. Then two to three witnesses give their side of the story and testify. They are also cross-examined by the attorneys. There are also rebuttal witnesses who are called on to testify as well. They either dismiss or support the claims of one of the spouses.
  • The attorneys present their closing statements.
  • Sometimes if children are involved in the case, they would be interviewed in a separate room in the judge’s chamber, but it would not frequently happen.
  • The judge then finally makes decisions and decides the ruling of the case, with each side taking appropriate action.
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