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Reality Quest Chapter 68 & 69: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Read?

Reality Quest Chapter 69 Manhwa Webtoon

This webtoon, Reality Quest, tells the story of Dowan Ha, an 18-year-old boy with average looks who is also known as the gaming shuttle in his school. Dowan Ha used to play games on 15 to 20 mobile phones at once, and he did this every day because his classmates’ bullying forced him.

Dowan has always enjoyed playing video games, but when he was younger, bullies at his school would take advantage of this and force him to play the game simultaneously on numerous mobile devices.

One day Dowan was bullied by a guy named Chulwoo Min when he failed to attain the “Fire King sword” because, at that time, he was busy talking with her childhood crush, Arhin Joo of class 7, and Chulwoo was keeping an eye on him at that time.


Suddenly Chulwoo enters the scene… Bam!!!! Bamm!! Bammm….!!!! He beats Dowan for his mistake and places him in a position where, if he does not succeed in obtaining the “Fire King’s Sword,” he will strip him nude in front of Arhin and beat him up a week before summer vacation.

Because of his fear, he played the game nonstop for seven days without sleep and drank a lot of energy drinks while playing. When he reached the game’s final phase, he repeatedly asked the game’s administrator for items and eventually received the “Fire god sword,” which was even more powerful than the “Fire king’s sword.”

After playing the game nonstop for seven days (168 hours), he took a breather and returned to his seat, but abruptly he fell to the ground and began to have hallucinations of being dead.


After some time, the game’s artificial intelligence surfaced and revealed that all the powers from all the games were being processed and would be bestowed as soon as the process was finished.

When Dowan opened his eyes, he was in the past, where Chilwoo had previously bullied and assaulted him, and everything was just as it had been. This time, though, Arhin arrives to stop Chilwoo.

Chilwoo was so cruel that he grabbed Arhin’s hand, pulled her hair, and then stood up to slap him. Dowan tried to punch Chilwoo to save Arhin, but he was unsuccessful. Chilwoo blocked his punch and turned to punch back, but all of a sudden, all of his special powers were processed successfully, and he managed to land multiple blows with just one strike.

After that, he began receiving assignments from the game’s AI, which eventually became a part of his life.

Reality Quest Chapter 68 & 69 Potential Spoilers


If you want to know what will happen in chapter 68 & 69, first, you should know what happened in Reality Quest Chapters 66 and 67. 

In the previous chapter, you can see that Dowan had defeated the vice boss, Song Chhiyun, who was introduced at the end of chapter #66 when he went back from Siyeon’s house. He saw that someone was already in his house, and everything was in a very messy condition. He noticed some things were missing, especially his family photo.

Dowan went to the headquarters of Song Chhiyun’s boss, Choi Ju Ryeong, where he was planning the next step after beating him. Dowan smashed the door with a single kick; he only wanted his family photo back. They had a long fight, and Dowan brought out that the rusted key was now a “crimson key,” which would be the most dangerous among all the keys.


In Chapters 68 & 69, we’re probably going to see action in the new aura form that has never happened before. We’ve already seen in chapter 68 that the “crimson key” is red in color, which would bring the power that we’ve not seen yet, and since Dowan is going to break Choi’s tooth, there are some possibilities that we can see the new skills of Dowan that he’ll get from the red key.

The main reason for all of these fights is his family photo. When Choi reads out the message that was written behind the photo, he notices that “why’s the word family written like this?” There must be some hidden clue.

Dowan tells his story that his father was a government officer and didn’t have enough time to spend with him and his mother; after all, he loved his father so much that he couldn’t tolerate anything wrong with the memories of him.


After seeing all these references, hopefully, we can see Dowan’s father, Ha Jin-oh, who’s pretending to be dead but is not dead. In Chapter 14, there’s a scene where Dowan looks at his family photo and also searches for his father on the internet, and there’s some kind of high government logo with some information written about his father. 

Reality Quest Chapters 68 & 69 Release Date

Reality Quest Chapters 68 & 69 is expected to be released on 24th January 2023. The Manhwa sometime drops 2 or 3 chapters in a row, if there is any update on this, we will share it with you right here.

Reality Quest Chapters 68 & 69: How to read?

Once released, Reality Quest Chapter 69 will be available on Webtoons; the webtoon Reality Quest is free to read on the website and available to all readers from around the world with no country restrictions.

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