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How to Watch Poker Face Episodes? Episode Schedule & Streaming Guide

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With the show releasing pretty soon on TV, we are here to cover how to watch Poker Face episodes online and even on live broadcasts, along with the entire streaming guide. This upcoming series has been commissioned by Peacock for their service. Rian Johnson has created the show. As for the genres we can expect from the show, there are some main ones. Firstly, we will have mystery as well as comedy and drama in the lead. Each episode will show us a case for that week which will be solved in the entirety of the episode.

For the first time, this series was announced by Peacock back in March of 2021. As of right now, only the basic information, such as the synopsis and cast members, has been revealed to us. The show is set to have ten episodes in the first run, and god knows if this does well, we might even have a second season, but nothing is confirmed at this point in time. Rian Johnson has talked about the show in the media. He talks about how the characters will be the most important part of the story in the show, and everything will be based on them.

Each week, a case will lead the plot of the episode as we shall see the entries dropping out one after the other. The format of the episodes will be simple. We shall see a murder or a big crime happen somewhere. And then, the detectives or the investigators will be seen following the leads and taking care of the evidence found and, by the end, will reach the killer. This format of crime shows was popularized by the series Columbo back in the 60s.

How to Watch Poker Face Episodes?

A still from Poker Face

Poker Face – Cast

As for the cast, we will witness Natasha Lyonne reprising the role of Charlie Cale. She happens to be a worker at the casino but, due to some issues, has to hide and run away from the locality. Benjamin Bratt will enact the character of the casino head. He is trying to catch Charlie as she is running down, and we shall see them through the whole country in a cat-and-mouse chase. Adrien Brody will play the part of the casino boss. Dascha Polanco will reprise the role of Natalie.

She is a friend of Charlie. Lil Rel Howery enacts the character of Taffy Boyle. He happens to be the brother of a Texas Barbeque pitmaster. Chloë Sevigny will play the part of Ruby Ruin. Her job is as a frontwoman for a heavy metal band. Hong Chau reprises the role of Marge. The series has a long list of actors and actresses with undisclosed roles, such as Jameela Jamil and Joseph Gordon Levitt. Thus, it would be interesting to see what their roles would be in the upcoming series.

Poker Face Episode Schedule

  • Poker Face Episode 1 Release Date – The 26th of January 2023 – Dead Man’s Hand
  • Poker Face Episode 2 Release Date – The 26th of January 2023 – The Night Shift
  • Poker Face Episode 3 Release Date – The 26th of January 2023 – The Stall
  • Poker Face Episode 4 Release Date – The 26th of January 2023 – Rest in Metal

  • Poker Face Episode 5 Release Date – The 2nd of February 2023
  • Poker Face Episode 6 Release Date – The 9th of February 2023
  • Poker Face Episode 7 Release Date – The 16th of February 2023
  • Poker Face Episode 8 Release Date – The 23rd of February 2023
  • Poker Face Episode 9 Release Date – The 2nd of March 2023
  • Poker Face Episode 10 Release Date – The 9th of March 2023

How to Watch Poker Face Episodes?

Poker Face Episodes will drop out as per the schedule mentioned above on Peacock TV. The streaming service is available for all the users who shall subscribe to it. The cost for a month is quite low at just 4.99 dollars. Although this version shows ads and thus, fans can just upgrade to a higher one at 9.99 dollars a month.

Peacock TV is the streaming service by NBC. It gives us access to all the content put out on the channel as well, and fans can watch other licensed shows and movies from the service.

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