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Upcoming Korean Dramas To Look Out For, in March 2021

Well, if you consider yourself as a person who has literally watched all the common types of sitcoms and is now looking forward to something new, then you have come to the right place. Korean dramas, as you all might have already heard, are the new jam of people these days. That stuff is getting so popular on a variety of online streaming platforms right now, and there are a lot of reasons behind it. First of all, is the unique plot. I mean, every show has a twist that nobody believed was possible. But then, these shows come on air and just rock our expectations.

Honestly, there is just one problem of language with these shows and if you get yourself down with subtitles, then you will understand how good Korean dramas can be. As of right now, if you got plenty of time on your hand, we have wrapped up some of the best shows from Korea to watch. They are all highly ranked according to their viewership as well ad the popularity among critics and audiences. We have even given away some of the descriptions about the plot and characters in this list so that it would be easy for you to figure out what show suits your taste the best.

Dear M

This Korean drama has been created by KBS and has started airing recently on the 26th of February 2021. The main genre in this show is set to be romance which will all be provided to us in the college setting. The creators have all employed some of the elite cast members that even add to the popularity of the series. This show can be considered as a spin-off show to Live Playlist. It is a web series that came out a while ago and has been really very popular among the fans. The directors of this show are Park Jin-Woo as well as Seo Joo Won. The script for the series has been penned down by Lee Seul.

All you guys should also know that it is a part of a reconstructed lineup on the channel known as the Golden Friday. The show is going to air weekly on Fridays. As for the plot of the show, it is quite unique as compared to the other regular college dramas that we might come across. So, the location is set to the Seoyeon University. All the students studying at this place are in chaos because they have to search for M. It is because this mysterious person has published an anonymous confession on the student forum at the University.

There are various departments available in the university and one person from each of the four departments comes out in order to search for this M. Now, these characters are Ma Joo Ah as well as Cha Min Ho and Seo Ji Min along with Park Ha Neul. The whole story of the series is developed around this search as our characters grow close to each other while there is so much going on in their lives and around them. They pass through the test of changing friendships as well as the ignition of romance while being on a journey to catch M. As for the cast members, we have actress Park Hye Su reprising the role of Ma Joo Ah. She is a student in the Department of Business Administration and is currently in the second year of her university. Her dream is to find true love now that she is finally in college. Then we have Jeong Jae Hyun enacting the character of Cha Min Ho.

This guy is studying in the Department of Computer Science and is also in the second year. He is the best friend of Ma Joo Ah as they have been friends for a very long time. His dreams involve becoming a developer of apps and also buying a house for her sister. Then we have Roh Jeong Eui who plays the part of Seo Ji Min. This girl too is in the second year of college and is studying in the Department of Economics. All she wants to do in life is to become a leader of the cheer squad. Bae Hyun Sung reprises the role of Park Ha Neul. He is also in the second year of college and comes from the Department of Computer Science. He is in a relationship with Seo Ji Min and his goal in life is to become a game developer. Then we have Lee Jin Hyuk who enacts the character of Gil Mok Jin. This guy is also a student studying in the second year at the college in the Department of Psychology. His only goal in life is to no longer be single.


This Korean drama has been created for TVn and is scheduled to release pretty soon. The main genre of this series is all about thrill and mystery and has provided a new twist to the existent shows of this theme. Choi Joon Bae, as well as Kang Cheol Woo, have directed the show together while its script has been penned down by Choi Ran. The release date of Mouse is set to be the 3rd of Match 2021. The show is going to drop off new episodes every Thursday as well as Wednesday. Apart from all of that, there is also action as well as suspense in the drama with some of the amazing fight scenes that are capable of giving the audience literal chills.

The main protagonist in this series is Jeong Ba Reum who is a police officer. As the episodes go by and we start understanding the story, the life of our lead character changes completely. It is because he encounters a psychopathic serial killer. This is what leads to the actual chaos in their lives as his partner Go Moo Chi as well as him have to go through some of these psychic behaviors. All in all, if you sit down and try to watch this series, it is going to blow your mind off. At one point in the show, Mouse, we will even develop a question in mind about whether or not it is possible to know about a psychopath while they are still in their mother’s womb if the doctors employ the method of genetic testing.

But what if this practice could become possible and the doctors could find out if the child is a psychopath or not, would it be healthy to give birth to such a life? As for the cast members, the list includes Lee Seung Gi who reprises the role of Jeong Ba Reum, the police officer that we talked about. Then we have Lee Hee Joon who enacts the character of Go Moo Chi. As for this person, he is a detective by profession but is not much concerned about the rules. All he wants to do is use any sort of method to catch the criminals. Park Ju Hyun plays the part of Oh Bong Yi. She is a student studying in high school and is currently residing with her grandmother and is an expert in martial arts. Kyung Soo Jin reprises the role of Choi Hoong Joo. This lady is in the production industry and a very famous director. Popularly, people call her the Sherlock Hong Joo.

Oh! Master!

This Korean Drama is about the budding romance between two clueless people who never knew their paths could cross in this manner. Oh! Master!, the Korean show, has been directed by Hyun Sol Ip as well as Oh Da Young. The main focus of the plot is laid on two characters. The first one is Han Bi Soo. This guy is one of the best thriller drama series writers that we can ever come across in South Korea. Although, the only thing in his life which is not perfect is his love life. He is currently in no form of a romantic relationship with anyone. On the other hand, we have Oh Joo In who is a very popular actress. When on-screen doing roles and shows and films, she appears in a variety of romantic as well as comedy genre content.

But when it comes to her love life, it is as dry as Han Bi Soo’s. Later in the scenes, as the episodes go by, we see that these two characters meet and start living together. This is how their love starts to emerge. As for the cast members, we have Lee Min Ki reprising the role of Han Bi Soon. Then we have actress Nana who is set to enact the character of Oh Joo In. Kang Min Hyuk plays the part of Yoo Jin. Lee Whee Hyang reprises the role of Kang Hae Jin. Sun Woo Jae Duk enacts the character of Han Min Joon. Kim Ho Jung plays the part of Yoon Jung Hwa. Kim Woo Jin is set to reprise the role of the staff member. Oh! Master! is set to release on the 24th of March 2021.

Hospital Playlist Season 2

Lee Woo Jung has penned down the script for this Korean drama series while Shin Won Ho as its director. The first installment of the series used to air weekly on Thursdays on tvN from the 12th of March 2020 till the 28th of May 2020. The show got so popular among the fans that even Netflix decided to have it on their platform for certain regions. After its release on the television, the episodes regularly dropped on Netflix too. During the moments when the show was about, to sum up its final episodes, it became the tenth highest-rated Korean drama to rock the entertainment sector in the country. This is why the second season of the show was confirmed by the creators and it is set to air pretty soon in May of 2021. The main spotlight of the show is thrown at the doctors as well as the nurses at the Yulje Medical Centre.

The show really gives off the vibes of Grey’s Anatomy as well as Friends mixed together into a Korean show. The focus is laid on five doctors working at this center who have been together since 1999 when they entered the Medical College. As for the cast list, we have Jo Jung Suk who reprises the role of Lee Ik Jun. He is an assistant professor working in general surgery. Yoo Yeon Seok is set to enact the character of Ahn Jeong Won who is an assistant professor also. Won works in the department of pediatric surgery. Jung Kyung Ho plays the part of Kim Jun Wan. Ju Wan is also in the profession of associate professor although he is working in cardiothoracic surgery. Kim Dae Myung reprises the character of Yang Seok Hyeong who is an assistant professor of obstetrics as well as gynecology. Jeon Mi Do enacts the character of Chae Song Hwa who is an associate professor in the department of neurosurgery.


Well, we could see how much deep effort that Netflix is putting in so that it could make its platform rich in Korean shows. One such amazing drama put up by Netflix for all its subscribers to enjoy is Nemesis. The whole show is full of suspense as well as thrill that makes us hooked to its episodes immediately. There even are a variety of action scenes employed that provides for entertainment purposes in the series. Han So Hee is the main protagonist of the series whose character works as a mole in the police department.

Her real profession is working for a drug lord and smuggling all the information over to him. There is no confirmed release date for the series and the creators insist that the show will release in 2021 itself. All this while, filming has started for the series and is currently going on. Thus, all you have to do is keep your eyes out for an official confirmation about the series. The reason behind its anticipation is because nearly everyone knows how amazing it is going to get.

Jiri Mountain

This is a new form of drama show that will capture the unseen moments which is lead by the park rangers who work at the Jiri Mountain National Park. The whole story will revolve around these characters while they are doing their job while also going through the ups and downs offered by life. There are many things that the audience is looking forward to but the main factor that is causing the rise in its popularity is the fact that Jun Ji Hyun, as well as Ju Ji Hoon, is going to be back together on the screen for the first time after they have finished working on the popular drama series called Kingdom. Jiri Mountain will serve as the reunion between the two characters that the fans have been asking for.

The twist comes in when the audience heard that there is going to be a zombie crossover too. If you have been to the mainland of South Korea, you will know that Mount Jiri is the tallest mountain here. As we have talked about the concept earlier, we are going to witness the unknown areas of this place as well as get to know the characters who are appointed to save lives around here. Also, the drama is wildly anticipated by the people because it also has a stellar cast list. A release date has not been decided yet by the creators but we know that by the end of 2021, we will have this show with us on tvN.

Monthly House

The most relatable series that the Koreans will acknowledge during these days is surely Monthly House. As of right now, a popular issue has been faced by the Koreans a lot. There are people who can not get a roof over their heads or are unable to pay off the expensive rents. The lead protagonist of this series is Na Young Won who is the editor of quite a successful magazine. There surely are some problems in her life but the main issue is of getting a home. She has been working non-stop for the past ten years but still is unable to afford her own house. This is why she has been living in a monthly rental.

Later in the scenes, as we go through the episodes, we find out that it is Yoo Ja Sun who buys the apartment just so he can increase all of his assets. Although Young Won has been living at this location for such a long time, she gets motivation from within to finally move out and buy her own place after her monthly rented location is sold out. It is quite heartwarming to see her leave this place because she has been treating it as if it were her own and taking good care of the house.

All this while, we even get to have the back story of Yoo Ja Sung. He is the owner of the Monthly House Magazine at which she is the editor. When he buys the house, it means nothing to him but just another meaningless asset to increase his worth in the market. While growing up, Yoo Ja Sung has seen a lot of poverty in the case of his parents. This is when the show fluctuates between the present and the past to tell us how his past has shaped his present. Right now, he thinks that the only thing that can make him rich is the real estate business and thus, he wants to take a full part in it.

He used to work as a laborer at a construction site in the morning but at night, he used to study himself to sleep with all the books about real estate investment. This is what makes him rich. As for the cast members in the series, we have Jung So Min reprising the character of Na Young Won. Then we have Kim Ji Suk who enacts the character of Yoo Ja Sung. Jung Gun Joo plays the part of Shin Gyeom. Then we have Kim Won Ha who reprises the role of Choi Go.


This new series has been created for JTBC and is going to release in 2021. Blinks are going to unite while also casting their support. Also, you guys should know that Kim Ji Soo, the member of the girl idol group BLACKPINK is going to reprise a lead role in this drama. The audience is most excited to watch this upcoming Korean drama after hearing the cast members but there surely are more exciting features of the series that are making the fans yearn for it eagerly. So, the crew members that have made this series, that is, the writer as well as the director, have previously worked together on a very popular show called Sky Castle which was loved by the fans. This is why the people know that we are in for something really great with this show. The timeline of the series is set in the past where Korea is still under the leadership of dictators. It focuses on the college campus full of young students and will see the romantic elements.

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