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The Love In Your Eyes Episode 111: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

The Love in Your Eyes: Young Yi and her in-laws
A Still from The Love in Your Eyes (Credits: KBS1)

The release date of the K-drama, The Love In Your Eyes, episode 111 has been disclosed. With the series nearing its finale, the story has now reached an interesting point where secrets and truths are revealed.

The K-drama has successfully captivated the audience with its gripping storyline in the last few episodes. Therefore, without any delays, here, we will provide you with a detailed recap of the previous episode, episode 110, so that you can catch up on the drama, which is going on in the series. Along with the recap, we will also disclose the release date and streaming guide of the latest episode.

The Love In Your Eyes episode 110 opens with Do Sik and Do Young arriving at Young Yi’s house, where Young Yi’s parents and her daughter are present. Young Yi’s parents and Do Sik and Do Young are shocked to hear that Young Yi has not yet filed a complaint against Se Joon, who is at fault for Young Yi’s late husband, Do Jin’s death. Everyone blames Young Yi for not being able to file the complaint as Kyung Joon is involved in it.

The Love In Your Eyes Episode 110 Recap

On being asked for an explanation, Young Yi explains that she had gone to the police station to complain but there she ran into Kyung Joon. Hearing this, Young Yi’s mother-in-law gets furious and asks her to leave the house, if she does not care about Do Jin, and wants to live with Kyung Joon. Young Yi further explains that she got to know from Kyung Joon that Sim Won Sub was the one who killed Do Jin, so she decided to give some time to Kyung Joon to turn himself in as he has been living with this guilt for years.

Do Jin’s mother does not believe Young Yi and tells her that her son’s misery started from the day he started dating her, and they should never have gotten married. She blames Young Yi for Do Jin’s death. These words hurt Young Yi and she declares that she will move out of the house.

The Love in Your Eyes: Young Yi, Mi Ri Nae, and her in-laws

A Still from The Love in Your Eyes Episode 110 (Credits: KBS1)

At night, Young Yi packs her bags and is ready to leave with Mi Ri Nae. Young Yi’s father-in-law tries to stop her but her mother-in-law asks her to leave. While on the porch, Young Yi’s father-in-law tries to persuade her by telling her to stay at Eun Jin’s house for the night, and that he will bring her back the next morning. But she does not agree and leaves.

Later, Do Young and Do Shik arrives at Eun Jin’s house to check whether Young Yi has arrived there, just to find out that she has not. Do Young explains the whole situation to Eun Jin and Eun Ho. Do Shik doubts that Young Yi must have gone to Kyung Joon.

Eun Jin and Eun Ho snap at Do Shik for doubting Young Yi and getting enraged at the fact that she always intended to leave the house to live with Kyung Joon. They tell him that he never understood Young Yi even after all these years. They blame Do Shik’s family for mistreating Young Yi. Later, Eun Jin asks Eun Ho to look for Young Yi.

The Love in Your Eyes: Hae Mi, Young Yi, and her daughter

A Still from The Love in Your Eyes Episode 110 (Credits: KBS1)

Next, Young Yi and Mi Ri Nae reach Hae Mi’s house, which shocks Hae Mi. Young Yi asks her to take care of Mi Ri Nae for the night, and she will pick her up the next morning. Hae Mi insists Young Yi stay too, but she refuses.

Later, while Mi Ri Nae, Hae Mi, and her parents sit together, Mi Ri Nae reveals that she and her mother ran into Kyung Joon coincidentally as they went out to eat, and she asked him to join them. Hae Mi and her family figure out that the meeting was not intentional and blames Do Jin’s mother to create chaos without understanding the whole situation.

Hae Mi blames herself for the situation as she had asked Young Yi to give Kyung Joon time to turn himself in. When Hae Mi tries to figure out how Do Jin’s mother came to know it, it is revealed that Hae Mi’s mother informed the situation to Do Jin’s mother as she was curious to know what was going on between Kyung Joon and Young Yi.

The Love in Your Eyes: Hae Mi, Mi Ri Nae, and Hae Mi's parents

A Still from The Love in Your Eyes Episode 110 (Credits: KBS1)

Next, Young Yi is seen sitting at a park alone, when she calls Kyung Joon and informs him that Eun Sook (Do Jin’s mother) found out that she had not filed the complaint, so they will file it the next morning. Therefore, she requests Kyung Joon to turn himself in before that. Kyung Joon worries about Young Yi and asks her whether she is outside, but Young Yi lies to him and disconnects the call.

At the hospital, Kyung Joon tells his grandfather that when he found out that he was given Do Jin’s corneas, he only wanted to see good things with those eyes. But now he has to face the truth. His grandfather assures him that there must be a way to solve everything.

The next morning, Eun Sook worries about Young Yi. Then, we see Young Yi looking for an apartment, but all of them are out of her budget. On the other hand, Se Joon informs Hae Mi that he is going to file the complaint.

The Love in Your Eyes: Young Yi

A Still from The Love in Your Eyes Episode 110 (Credits: KBS1)

On the other side, Yeon Hee is seen to lose her mind over the whole situation, when Se Joon arrives there and asks her to go with him to the police station to turn themselves in. But Yeon Hee asks him to hide. At that moment, Kyung Joon, Jang Hoon, and Jang Yi Jae arrive there.

On seeing Kyung Joon, Yeon Hee asks Kyung Joon how could he report his own mother for embezzlement. Kyung Joon’s grandfather, Jang Hoon, informs her that it is not her house anymore, so she should leave. He also tells her that Se Joon is no longer her son. When Yeon Hee continues to argue for the money she deserves, Jang Hoon tells her to keep all the money that she has cheated with and leave the house.

Jang Hoon further tells Yeon Hee that she does not deserve to be a mother, as she has ruined her own son’s life. Yeon Hee further argues that she has spent her whole life looking after Se Joon and Kyung Joon, but still they side with Kyung Joon. To stop the argument, Yi Jae asks her to leave or he will be compelled to call the police, but Yeon Hee does not budge.

The Love in Your Eyes: Se Joon, Kyung Joon, Yeon Hee, Yi Jae and Jang Hoon

A Still from The Love in Your Eyes Episode 110 (Credits: KBS1)

The episode ends with Kyung Joon revealing that Yeon Hee was the one who made him blind in the first place and asking her the reason behind it. This revelation shocks everyone.

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The Love In Your Eyes Episode 111 Release Date

The Love In Your Eyes Episode 111 will be premiered on March 8, 2023, at 8:30 p.m. KST (Korea). For international viewers, the time schedule is as follows:

  • Indian Standard Time (India): 5:00 pm, Wednesday, 08 March 2023.
  • Australian Standard Time (Australia): 10:30 pm Wednesday, 08 March 2023.
  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): 11:30 am Wednesday, 08 March 2023.
  • Eastern Standard Time (EST): 6:30 am Wednesday, 08 March 2023.

The Love In Your Eyes Episode 111 Streaming Guide

The Love in Your Eyes episode 111 will be broadcasted on the Korean Channel, KBS1. The episode will be available to stream online on KBS1 App and Rakuten Viki in some regions.

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