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Preview and Recap: Back Arrow Episode 6

Back Arrow

Ren went back to the HQ and reports that Shuu has betrayed them, and Kai cannot believe it. Ten years ago, the Rakuho fell somewhere nearby, and the warriors are sent to find it. The warriors are told not to let the rebels around the area have the Rakuho. That day Kai protect ted Shuu. When the soldiers try to beat Shuu, Kai uses his body as a shield to protect Shuu. Kai would never want to see even a scar on Shuu’s body.

While the soldiers are beating Kai, they told him that he is worthless unless he works hard and repays what they feed him. The two decided to find the Rakuho quickly, and Shuu comments that the Rakuho is no there. Shuu reveals that the Rakuho has landed far north. Considering its sign, speed, angle, and taking the wind into account, that is where they should look for it. After a long search, the two manages to find the Rakuho. 

Episode 6 Release Date

Episode 6 will be released on Saturday, 13 February 2021, at 12:00 AM JST. Back Arrow will keep on releasing new episodes every Saturday. Try Back Arrow at and watch it on AnimeLab and Funimation.  You will see how Kai will find Shuu below. 

Back Arrow

Back Arrow

Previously on Back Arrow Episode 5 Preview

Kai celebrates that they have found the Rakuho and Shuu calculations will never be wrong. Suddenly the rebels show up, claiming that the Rakuho belongs to them. They told Kai to leave their treasure, and their life will be spared. Kai drew his sword out and defeated the rebels with a single slash. But the prime minister shows up with the Rakuho warriors. He orders for Shuu and Kai to be killed and said they are brats who are good for nothing.

Shuu comments that they are not enemies and they don’t deserve to die. They are the ones who have defeated the rebels, and the Rakuho belongs to them. Kai was tired on his knees, and one of the soldiers attack him. Shuu uses his bare hand to block the sword. Kai just saw Shuu’s blood, and Shuu comments that even if they are backwoods peasants, they deserve to live. His majesty showed up and told prime minister Tae to leave Shuu and Kai. 

General Kai Rhodan:

His majesty comments that Kai and Shuu did what their army has failed to do in a day. He asks Kai and Shu to raise their head and welcomes them to his kingdom. Back to the present, Kai decided to go and look for Shuu. He wants to find out what has happened that makes Shuu joins Arrow’s crew. Ren asks him about the enforcement, and Kai comments that he can do it alone. At the same time, Arrow is heading towards the wall with his crew. 

Arrow and the others are tying Shuu so that he won’t try to pull funny business. Shuu is teaching the how to operate the ship. Shuu praises doctor Sola that he knows about Rakuho tech. Eisha reports that she has spotted an enemy at a distance, and Arrow asks how many are they. Eisha said it is only one guy, and Shuu comments that he is here. At the top of the bridge, Kai is waiting for the ship to reach near him. 

Back Arrow

Back Arrow

Shuu comments that Kai is capable of beating more than 1000 soldiers in a single swoop. Bit comments that no one is strong enough to beat Arrow, and Kai is an easy work to Arrow. Bit thinks that Shuu is jocking, and they find that it is true when Kai stopped the ship using a single punch. Shuu reminds them that he told them and Kai is the strongest man in the Republic of Rekka. They call him general Kai Rhodan for nothing. 


Kai wears his bind warper and calls Shuu to come out of the ship. Eisha tries to battle with Kai, but she got defeated with a single hit. Kai asks Shu to come out and explaining g what is happening. Inside the ship, Arrow told everyone to stay back, and Shuu said he is right or they will be slaughtered. Shuu asks Sola to turn on the outside loudspeaker of the ship. Shuu talks with Kai, who asks him if he has defied the emperor’s order and abandoned Rekka. 

Kai also asks if Shuu is joining the fool who claims that he comes from the outside of the wall. Shuu comments that it is true and Rekka is a sinking ship, and he has no future there. Shuu said Rekka had failed d to sail, and he has found a new ship called Granedger. Kai asks Shuu about their promise, and Suu said that his dream is Back Arrow and Granedger. Kai comments that Shuu’s dream won’t come true.

Arrow went outside, and Kais ask him if he is the man who claims that he comes from the other side. He comments that he is and he is going to the other side of the wall. Arrow and Kai decided to settle everything over a battle since they cannot agree on one thing. Arrow got defeated, and Shuu went outside and explained everything to Kai. Kai refuses to listen and wanted to attack Shghu, but Arrow gets up and defeats Kai. 

Back Arrow Episode 6 Preview 

That was all about Bak Arrow Episode 6; check the other latest details here: Back Arrow Episode 5.  

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