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Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 5 Release Date: Smile, Mint! A Fancy Lady, Forlorn!

Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 5 Release Date
Tokyo Mew Mew New

Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 5 is set to release this week. Kodansha published Tokyo Mew Mew in their shōjo manga magazine Nakayoshi from September 2000 to February 2003, collected in seven tankōbon volumes. The manga was created and written by Reiko Yoshida and illustrated by Mia Ikumi. The five girls are led by Ichigo Momomiya in their fight against aliens, infusing their DNA with that of endangered animals and transforming them into “Mew Mews” to reclaim the Earth.

Based on DNA taken from endangered species, scientists of the μ(Mew) Project create a team of heroines with amazing superhuman abilities. Upon waking up from a dream, Ichigo Momomiya discovers she is an Iriomote cat with her skills. Clambering together with other Mew Mew girls, Ichigo must fight alien invaders while hiding her double life from her friends and family. There have only been five episodes of Tokyo Mew Mew New broadcast so far, and fans are eagerly awaiting the third.

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Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 4 Review

It’s not so much that Mew Zakuro is a bad person (though Mint was right to say she was), but that her lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to taking on another profession. Zakuro isn’t just any ordinary student or even part-time entertainment. In addition to singing and acting, she also models and probably does other things that we didn’t see in the episode. She is presumably also a high school student, so how can she fit in teaching and working as a cafe waitress?

Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 5 Release Date

Tokyo Mew Mew New

She could have simply answered, “No thanks, I don’t have the time and emotional bandwidth,” and gone on her way if she hadn’t asked Zakuro if she wanted to be combined with a wolf and combat aliens as a magical girl before being infused with endangered species DNA. In comparison, she could have changed her life to meet her new job, which is extremely likely for her to accomplish today, though it will require more maneuvering now that the whole Mew Zakuro thing has been thrust upon her. While everyone was fine with the other four girls’ new status, Zakuro already had a life, and nobody seemed to have discussed it.

Although defending the earth from evil aliens may be more essential than appearing in a musical, it appears that Zakuro is always ready to use her skills whenever they are needed – she simply leaps right in, transforms, and solves the situation. Her issue may be more with the team thing, and that’s easy to understand. As a celebrity, Mint likely gets fawning attention from everyone, so Zakuro may be more put off when she falls all over herself. The crash of Bu-Ling’s audition also didn’t make the best first impression, meaning Zakuro had to step onstage to try to save the situation; add to this the fact that Mew Pudding and Mew Mint fail to stop Kish, and of course, Zakuro does not intend to join this highly dysfunctional group. But that does not mean that she is unwilling to fight.

As an introduction to Zakuro, this is an interesting episode since it focuses more on Mint. The translators used “queen” instead of “onee-san” to describe her; I get what they were trying to convey, but I don’t think it quite works. It seems like Zakuro’s somewhat mysterious nature makes her seem as otherworldly as Kish, albeit substantially less evil, but it’s still hard for the other girls to completely understand her. Perhaps it’s because she got three episodes all to herself. (Lettuce nails that rock performance, though.

Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 5 Release Date

Tokyo Mew Mew New

Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 5 Release Date

Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 5 is set to release on 3 August 2022, Wednesday at 12:00 AM (JST). Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 5 in the US at 08:00 PM/Pacific Time (PT). 10:00 AM/Central Time (CT). 11:00 AM/ Eastern Time (ET). The Indian fans can watch Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 5 at 8:30 PM India Standard Time (IST). The episode is titled “Smile, Mint! A Fancy Lady, Forlorn!”

Where to Watch Tokyo Mew Mew New Episode 5?

Fans can watch Tokyo Mew New New Episode 5 on HiDive when it is released; meanwhile, you can also watch previous episodes.

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