Anime Japan cancelled

Outbreak Threat Could Mean Cancellation of Anime Japan 2020

For those who do not know, Anime Japan is an annual event held in Japan where we get to meet the studios making anime, different anime writers, etc and interact with them. Anime and manga people use this great platform to promote their work and provide new details about their work as well. We get to see all sorts of big-name manga and anime creators. My Hero Academia, Boruto, Attack on Titan, One Piece, etc are some anime and manga about which exciting details are revealed in this event.

Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus Anime Japan could cancel this year’s event which is very unfortunate. As we know how deadly and contagious Coronavirus can prove to be it could be a good move. But there has been no official word regarding Anime Japan 2020 cancellation. There have although been some warnings regarding Coronavirus on the official website of Anime Japan but no word on its cancellation is out yet.

It is very much possible that Coronavirus will cause this cancellation to happen due to various reasons. The most obvious reason for the cancellation is the population of Tokyo, Japan. As we know Tokyo is very densely populated and people from all over the world come to attend Anime Japan event. It could be that people from Coronavirus free places come to Japan get infected and head back home and spread the virus there which could be hazardous for the whole world.

Anime Japan 2020 release

Coronavirus can be easily transmitted from one person to another without anyone having any notion regarding what actually is happening. In my opinion, it is better to be safe than sorry and cancel this much-awaited Anime Japan 2020 event. Even though this must be quite painful for anime and manga fans as I am one among them myself as well but the cancellation of this event is for a bigger cause.

Yet there is still no official word regarding its cancellation so far, this all depends on how much the degree of Coronavirus spread is in Japan come the eve of the event. For now, we cannot say for certain whether or not Anime Japan 2020 is going to cancel this huge event. Let us see what happens and do mention your thoughts regarding this matter in the comments section below.