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Comfirmed List Of Pokemon In Legends Arceus

While everyone was excited about the Sinnoh remakes, they are also getting hyped up over the new Pokemon game getting ready to come out in early 2022. This new game is called Legends Arceus, which is for the Nintendo switch. What has everyone so excited fo this game is it is an open-world game? A lot of people are calling it a Breath of the Winds rip-off. However, that isn’t the case at all. You can only do so much to make open-world games right now. If just so happens that Breath of the Winds has taken the world by storm.

Some of you may be wondering what Pokémon we will be seeing in this new game? Well, it looks like we will get a lot of Sinnoh Pokémon. Everyone thinks that it is also a Sinnoh remake. However, this game is not. It features Arceus, the Sinnoh mythical legendary Pokémon. So everyone’s minds go to the Sinnoh region. Though, Pokémon Legends Arceus takes place before all regions. But what does this mean?

More about Legends Arceus

While the game is heavily based on Arceus, the God of Pokémon. This game will be taking place before any of the regions. Possibly the start of the Pokémon era, when Pokémon first started showing around on their planet. Which to think about, has not been mentioned so maybe we will get more insight on what planet Pokémon roam about on.

While this isn’t a Sinnoh remake, the Pokémon we will get to choose to start with are, Cyndaquil, Rowlet, and Oshawott. Theories about why we are starting with these Pokémon have come about. The most popular theory, is the warrior, archer, and samurai. Cyndaquil being the warrior, Rowlet being the Archer, and Oshawott being the samurai.  This is a pretty solid theory as this is the first Pokémon game we have seen the starter Pokémon split up. Normally the starter Pokémon stays according to their generation.

Maybe that is why Game Freak went with the approach they went with too? It could be that Game Freak wanted to show, there is no designated generation to this new region. Keep in mind, it is a new region of its own. Meaning who is to say what Pokémon roam the world!

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Pokémon That Will Appear In Legends Arceus

It isn’t certain what other Pokémon will appear in Pokémon Legends Arceus. Though, we do have a small list of about 50 Pokémon that are confirmed to be in the game. The source this list comes from is Serebii, who got their source from the trailer of the new game: Legends Arceus PokeDex.

The Pokémon that will be in the game so far is the following. This is not a complete list nor is it a list of Pokémon in order according to their Pokedex numbers. This list is just what Pokémon were seen in the trailer.

  1. Rowlet
  2.  Dartrix
  3.  Decidueye
  4. Cyndaquil
  5. Quilava
  6.  Typhlosion
  7. Oshawott
  8.  Dewott
  9.  Sumirott
  10.  Turtwig
  11.  Grotle
  12.  Torterra
  13.  Chimchar
  14.  Monferno
  15.  Infernape
  16.  Piplup
  17.  Primplup
  18.  Empoleon
  19.  Rhyhorn
  20.  Rhydon
  21.  Rhyperior
  22.  Bedoof
  23.  Bebarel
  24.  Shinx
  25.  Luxio
  26.  Luxray
  27.  Riolu
  28.  Lucario
  29.  Gible
  30.  Gabite
  31.  Garchomp
  32.  Chingling
  33.  Chimecho
  34.  Bonzor
  35.  Bronzong
  36.  Starly
  37.  Staravia
  38.  Staraptor
  39.  Ralts
  40.  Kirlia
  41.  Gardevior
  42.  Gallade
  43.  Spheal
  44.  Sealeo
  45.  Walrein
  46.  Budew
  47.  Roselia
  48.  Roserade
  49.  Pichu
  50.  Pikachu
  51.  Raichu
  52.  Arceus

After Look

After taking a bit closer of a look at these Pokémon. We can see there is no resemblance to what region or generation the Pokémon are from. All the Pokémon, however, are ones that are from generations 1, 2, 3, or 4. It is easy to see why people think Legends of Arceus is another Sinnoh remake when it really isn’t. Keep in mind though the starter Pokemon are from generations 5, 6, and 2. That being said, I’m sure we will see more Pokemon from generations 5 and 6 as well.

For all we know, we will see all the Pokemon in this open-world game, it’s just we are going off what was seen in the trailer for Pokemon Legends Arceus. While we await more information on this new open-world Pokemon game. It’s safe to say we will be seeing a ton of Pokemon in this game. Mainly because we have seen Pokemon in the trailer for generations 1 through 6.

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