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Reports Reveal How Much Sony Pays Developers to List Their Game in PS Plus

Reports have now revealed how much Sony is actually paying the developer to list their games on PS Plus. Thus, this has become a huge opportunity for all the gaming enthusiasts out there who also like to build some projects in their leisure or even professionally. Brian Silva from Sony had come up a long time ago confirming that the company does pay the developers who list their projects on the app.

Other than that, payments are also given to the developers if they include the titles from their platform for any promotional purposes. This can be a part of the Instant Game Collection or may even be included in the sales of the same. Silva was the first one to talk about this form of transaction which the company is doing. It is obviously a great way to keep the spirit within the creators alive as they look for new projects.

Also, this move has been in force for as long as nine years now and has helped the platform grow considerably. Other than the fact that Sony is profiting from the same, the developers, too, get a sense of exposure which might have cost them their time doing all the unpaid internship and work just in the name of exposure.

Reports Reveal How Much Sony Pays Developers to List Their Game in PS Plus

I know how abusive the talent industry is and how they do not care about your work until you are someone established, famous, or rich. This campaign by Sony is truly a boon to the middle-class ones who have not seen “exposure” till now but certainly have the desirable talents of a developer.

But you all might be wondering about the payment that has been made to the developers and how much will be paid if you go and try to list the app on PS Plus. Let us explore the same.

How Much Does Sony Pay To Developers To List Their Games on PS Plus?

Back in 2013, it was revealed to the media by Kirsty Rigden that Sony would come to the developers themselves with a deal. The company will negotiate the terms and conditions as well as the payment which will be made to the developers.

They can also offer a completely different deal based on the interests that the game might generate among the players. They will try to give you an ‘x’ amount if they can have the game for free, or it can be an exclusive venture, too, or even both.

Reports Reveal How Much Sony Pays Developers to List Their Game in PS Plus

A still from Ark: Survival Evolved

As per what Kirsty said, there are a lot of ways that a developer can sell their work onto the platform, and they will have to understand the deal thoroughly. Now, what is the exact amount that will be paid? Kirsty said that the amount of money that will be offered to the developers is based on the package that this particular game is going to provide.

This means that the numbers are subject to change. It can be as high as millions or as low as hundreds. Let us look at the past and how much money the company has offered to developers till now in some very valuable projects.

Sony Pays 3.5 million for Ark: Survival Evolved for PlayStation Plus.

It was revealed that Sony had paid the developers of Ark: Survival Evolved over 3.5 million dollars to put the game on PlayStation Plus. And, well, this is not a permanent buyout. They have just paid to have the game for a month.

This is how the deals are negotiated between the developers and the company. This means that standalone developers with relatively new projects and lesser-known games can be paid a certain amount depending on the type of deal they decide to go through with.

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