Benim Adim Farah Episode 12: Release Date, Recap & Where To Watch

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Benim Adim Farah episode 12
Benim Adim Farah Episode 12 (credits:

Viewers worldwide have come to pay more attention to Turkish dramas and productions, leading to the rising popularity of some well-made series that steal the limelight with their epic story-tales, plot twists, and characterization of some amazing, relatable personas.

A new addition to this year’s list of Turkish Dramas is Benim Adim Farah. This Turkish version of ‘The Cleaning Lady,’ which was broadcasted on FOX network’s foreign channels earlier, premiered on 1st March 2023. An O3 Medya production, this drama showed great promise and attracted instant attention from the audience under the directorship of Recai Karagoz and because of the power cast consisting of some big names in the Turkish entertainment industry, including- Demet Özdemir and Engin Akyürek with Mustafa Avkıran, Ali Sürmeli, and Fırat Tanış contributing essentially in supporting roles.

Benim Adim Farah Episode 12
Benim Adim Farah – Main Cast (credits: FOX TV)

Benim Adim Farah is an electrifying story that pulls you in with the narration and the well-developed plot. The excellent performance of the cast has them enjoying a lot of praise and love from the fans, along with an appreciation for the drama’s cinematic locations and captivating content.

As the date for the latest release of Benim Adim Farah draws near, we provide all information you would want to know about this engaging series.

Benim Adim Farah- Plot Premise

Farah was a surgeon in Iran who was forced to flee from her home country and try to reach France. However, an unexpected discovery about her pregnancy led her to seek refuge in turbulent Istanbul, where she came to work as a cleaning lady to provide for her son and herself. 

Farah’s son, Kerimshah, is ill from birth and suffers from a rare, fatal heart disease. Due to a weak immune system, the young child is forced to live in a heavily protected, sterile environment to sustain his life. Farah tries her best to provide her son with the healthcare he needs, but she is desperately lacking the funds and resources to be able to do so.

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Benim Adim Farah Episode 12
Benim Adim Farah- Farah with her son, Kerimshah (credits: Fox TV)

One night, as usual, Farah happens to be working during her shift when she becomes the regrettable witness of a murder. The mafia man, Tahir, has dedicated his life to his gang and aims to save the mafia heir, Akinci, the killer, by killing any witnesses. Upon discovery, Farah escapes just as her life is about to end. 

The experienced Tahir is easily able to find her house and arrives to kill her, but his heart changes when he sees the mother and son.

Benim Adim Farah- Story Till Now

Tahir’s growing affection for Farah and her son, as well as his desire to become a part of their family, pushes him to put everything on the line just to ensure the mother and son’s safety. The happiness that Farah feels because of Tahir’s news about having found a donor for her ill child’s operation shatters as the donor dies mysteriously, leaving much to question and answer. Tahir investigates the donor’s death to learn more about the circumstances and find out the culprit behind the unusual murder.

Mehmet attempts to use Farah’s fears against her by threatening to break her resolve and give testimony. Faced with this challenge, Farah decides to run away and comes clean to Tahir, telling him all about her past story and journey.

Tahir is shocked, though he tries to change Farah’s mind about leaving and later helps her pull through her plan to leave unnoticed. Before this arduous task, he expresses his wish to spend the last day as a family with Farah and her son, Kerimshah. 

The love the protagonists of Benim Adim Farah hold for each other is profound and deep, as is visible from their actions and responses. Will they be able to confess and settle down to have a safe, happy life?

Benim Adim Farah Episode 12
Benim Adim Farah- Tahir with Kerimshah (Credits: Fox TV)

Benim Adim Farah Episode 12- Release Date

After an intriguing episode 11 of the series released not long ago, fans are ready to welcome Benim Adim Farah’s Episode 12, which shall air on 17th May 2023, Wednesday at 8:00 pm (TRT) in Turkey. In the following list, you can find the release schedule of the new episode for the mentioned countries:

  • For viewers in the US: 1:00 pm EST on Wednesday, May 17th.
  • For viewers in Canada: 1:00 pm NT on Wednesday, May 17th.
  • For viewers in India: 10:30 pm IST on Wednesday, May 17th.
  • For viewers in Australia: 4:00 am AEST on Thursday, May 18th.
  • For viewers in the Philippines: 1:00 am PHT on Thursday, May 18th.
  • For viewers in Japan: 2:00 am JST on Thursday, May 18th.
  • For viewers in South Korea: 2:00 am KST on Thursday, May 18th.
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Benim Adim Farah- Where To Watch The Episode?

Being the official broadcaster of the drama, FOX Networks holds the rights to air Benim Adim Farah in Turkey for local viewers. The episodes and clips of the show are uploaded on the YouTube page of Benim Adim Farah, but unfortunately, there are no subtitles available which makes it difficult for an international audience to properly enjoy the series. There is no information regarding any other streaming websites currently hosting the show’s episodes either. 

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