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Preview and Recap: Re: Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2 Episode 46

Re Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2

Earlier, before Emilia completed the Trial witch Echidna visited Roswaal. Roswaal was touching his chest, showing that his heart is feeling pain. Echidna told him that it is the illness of death. Roswaal doesn’t even know that he has accumulated Mana and his lack of understanding is truly lamentable. Echidna kisses Roswaal and asks if he is feeling better. Roswaal asks her what did she do and how could a young lady do that.

Echidna reveals that she just sucked his Mana. She also said what he has is not a disease; it is called Magic Release Period. He asks what a Release Period is, and she said it is extremely rare. Echidna said she had experienced the same feelings, but no one understands. Roswaal falls on his knees, shedding tears, and she embraces him. He asks her who she is. Echidna reveals that she is an evil witch who occasionally does nice things. 

Episode 46 of Re: Zero-Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2 will be released on Wednesday, 17 February 2021, at 10:30 PM. Try Re Zero on Crunchyroll and other official platforms.

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Re Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2

Re Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2

Previously on Re: Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2 Episode 45 

Later Roswaal met with Beatrice and asked her what she thinks between their teacher’s romance and himself. Beatrice comments that there is nothing to think about since she has heard nothing about it. She tries to tease Roswaal about falling in love with Echidna. Ryuzu told Beatrice not to treat an adult like that, and she has noticed that Beatrice is jealous.

Memories of Ryuzu Meyer

Roswaal comments that if he did not meet Echidna that day, he would have been lonely in despair. Ryuzu comments that she understands what Roswaal feels as Echidna saved him. Roswaal comments that Ryuzu must be grateful to Echidna and all thanks to her. Beatrice comments, ”what shameless man you are, I suppose.” She thinks that Roswaal is a coward by coercing someone into being grateful.

Ryuzu comments that Beatrice always says things like, you better be grateful. Beatrice asks Ryuzu if she’s on her side or Roswaal side. She notices that Rowaal is staring at her. She asks if he has something to say; he must say it in front of her. Roswaal told her that he loves her. Beatrice gets angry and told him not to say disgusting things like that. Suddenly Echidna came back and found them arguing about love. 

Echidna is glad that the trio is getting along, and they act like they were not quarreling. Back to the present day, Roswaal asks Subaru and others if they know that story. Subaru said yes, and they are memories of Ryuzu Meyer that Shima saw in the Graveyard. Roswaal concludes that it means they know what happened that day. He asks them if they know about the day this Sanctuary was born. 

Back to that day, Beatrice’s jealousy and pride continue to grow. Roswaal visited Beatrice and Ryuzu, talking about the magic. She told Rowaal to be proud that he got the best teacher and he possesses great magic. Beatrice compliments Roswaal, and she thought that she was scolding him. Ryuzu comments that she think that was a compliment. Roswaal comments that Beatrice’s face is his second favorite behind their teacher.

Devil of Melancholy

Re Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2

Re Zero–Starting Life In Another World Season 2 Part 2

Roswaal told Ryuzu that if Beatrice bothers her, she must come and report to him. He will spank her butt to teach a lesson. Beatrice felt the presence of something and said mother is calling for them. They head there, and Roswal said he is here; they must leave before he gets here. Echidna said they don’t have to flee, and the plans for Sanctuary are in place to the extent that the construction of the theory is complete. But they still lack the core necessary for generating the barrier.

Without the barrier, the Sanctuary won’t function, and Roswaal agrees to Echidna’s plan. Ryuzu volunteers to be the barrier’s core to activate the Sanctuary. She realizes that if the plan goes well, the Sanctuary will be saved. Echidna decides to construct the spell, and Roswaal will face the enemy to buy them time. He heads out and encounters the Devil of Melancholy. Roswaal receives the beatings he has never experienced in his life.

The Devil started to get bored since he is fighting with Roswaal using one finger. He noticed the house and decided to destroy it. Roswaal realizes that there is Ryuzu inside and unleashed the Al Goa fire. The Devil stopped the Al Goa using his bare hands, but Roswaal draws his attention but talking with him. He keeps on calling him the Devil of Melancholy. The Devil replies that he hates that name since it has broken his spirit. 

Envy Witch

That day Ryuzu made a huge sacrifice, and the Devil of Melancholy was defeated. Ryuzu and Echidna are the reason behind the birth of Santuary. Back to the present, Subaru asks Roswaal to surrender and work with him since things have changed. Roswaal refuses while stating that he did not just waste his 400 years for nothing. Hesaidthatthe battle won’t end, and Subaru comments that Emilia will never agree with Roswaal ideas.

Roswaal comments that Emilia’s fate is to suffer since she has the Envy Witch’s blood lineage. Subaru said that Emilia is coming back and they will show Roswaal. Subaru holds Roswaal by his collar, telling him to stop calling Emilia a witch. Roswaal comments that Subaru is just like him they are both fighting for the woman they love. Subaru left while Emilia makes her way out from the Santuary. At the gate, she met with Ram, who welcomes her back. 

Episode 46 Preview

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