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Revenge Of Others Episodes 7 & 8: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Revenge Of Others Ep6 recap
Revenge Of Others Episodes 7 and 8: Release Date

Another day, another Korean thriller drama to add to your watchlist. We will reveal the Revenge of Others episodes 7 & 8’s release dates and how to watch Revenge of Others online for our readers, but before all this, let’s go through what happened in Revenge of Others episode 6 for those who missed the latest one. Chan-mi must deal with her odd situations.

First, Detective Jin apologizes to her after the murder footage is made public. Following that, she receives a call from Won-adoptive Seok’s parents, who hand her the closed bag containing Won-Seok’s remaining belongings.  As Chan-mi follows every lead she has had on her brother, she ends up in a cafe, where she asks questions and meets Se-jin.

He is quite personable and opens up to her quickly. Se-jin challenges everything we believe to be true about Won-seok, much like every new piece of information we learn about him. He claimed that Won-seok was a decent man who saved his life. A scene from the past supports this. The scene is about where Jung persecutes Se-jin for having a gay foster father before being rescued by Won-seok.

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Revenge of Others Episode 6 Recap

The fact that Hong Ah-Jung is returning to this high school is another strange connection. She is a buddy of So-Yeon as well as Su-heon, that she is pregnant, that she was an idol intern, and is hiding many secrets. She is not just hiding the baby’s father’s identity but also secrets involving Won-seok—and she is hiding all of these things even though I don’t trust a word she says or anything she does now.

Revenge Of Others Ep6 recap

Chanmi and Su-Hyeon from Revenge Of Others.

Initially, she tells Chan-mi that both she and Won-seok are a hoax; however, we later see someone at the school recognize Ah-Jung as Won-ex’s Chan-mi when Ah-Jung realizes she is his sister and becomes more open and friendly. She now tells Chan-mi that Won-seok abruptly changed from standing up for the tormented at school to becoming the bully.

We find out that his 180 was also connected to Oh-Seong. They want to know what Oh-Seong did to Won-seok to give him his power, and this has made me even more perplexed and skeptical of Oh-Seong. However, he turns back to Se-jin and seeks out Chan-mi, confessing that he previously knew who she was.

Then he acknowledges that he is the author of the locker notes. He also acknowledges watching the murder video on his phone, which he had secretly carried around. According to Se-jin, he fled the area out of fear and heartbreak but never turned back. He met Su-heon just before he left and couldn’t quit worrying about the red-laced shoes.

Se-jin wishes to start over by moving to the United States to pursue his studies, but after discovering the film and realizing for the first time that Won-seok didn’t commit suicide, he felt compelled to share it. Viewers are still determining where their connection is going in the program.

But up until the video, everything seemed to be going well. The video is too easy and precise, though. Nevertheless, fans like him and feel confident in him. There have been some very unsettling developments involving Su-heon, while Chan-mi struggles with the conflicting feelings brought on by “thinking” that Su-heon murdered her brother.

Revenge Of Others Ep6 recap

Chanmi from Revenge Of Others.

So-Yeon calls on Su-heon to “give him a lesson,” as they did after learning about another evil high schooler who got away with a horrible crime. As a result, the investigators keep probing and eventually piece all the pieces together. She puts Su-heon at the top of the list for every crime. Unexpectedly adept at playing the innocent, he claims he can’t go to prison today when So-Yeon demands that both confess.

Except for Chanmi, we are the only ones who truly understand what is at stake for him. Everything is incredibly hectic. Although Chan-mi appears to have her plot of retaliation, she protects Su-butt Heon from the detectives. Su-heon is followed to Busan, where the target gun she once gifted her brother is waiting for her.

Revenge of Others Episodes 7 & 8 Release dates

Revenge of Others episodes 7 & 8’s release date is Wednesday, November 30, 2022. Revenge of Others episodes 7 & 8 will air on Disney+ at 5 pm in Korea. Fans from other nations than Korea can stream Revenge of Others episodes 7 & 8 at 1.30 pm IST, 3 am EST, 12 am PT,7 pm AEDT, and 8 am GMT.

Revenge Of Others Ep6 recap

Se-Jin from Revenge Of Others.

Revenge of Others episodes 7 & 8: Where To Watch

Revenge of Others episodes 7 & 8 will exclusively stream on Hulu, Disney+, and Disney+ Hotstar. Fans from other nations can check the time we mention here to watch Revenge of Others episodes 7 & 8 with Hulu and Disney+ outside Korea, while Indian watchers can watch Revenge of Others episodes 7 * 8 with only Disney+ Hotstar.

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