How To Get AI Manga Filter On Tiktok? Steps You Need To Follow

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How To Get AI Manga Filter On Tiktok
Tiktok's Trending AI Manga Filter

Want to know about the AI Manga filter on Tiktok? How to get it? This is very much trending lately on social media. Still, not everyone knows about its usage and access. Have you ever thought, about how would you or your friends look in a cartoon form? This AI Manga filter will give you a similar look as if it’s just taken from any Japanese comic book. No doubt, it’s interesting. 

The anime field is gaining a massive fanbase, in the last few years at a rapid rate. Following this, the usage of the AI Manga filter is also increasing, among fans. Well, the effect will not just surprise you but is crazy enough. The best part is, you can directly use the mentioned filter while clicking the pictures. There is a lot to know about the resemblance if you haven’t tried it out, yet. Do not forget to mention, you can also use the AI Manga filter on pictures from the gallery. That’s the after step though. It’s not an exception to this. 

Concerning the AI Manga filter, some people aren’t finding it under the effects tool. In other words, they are facing an error, as the Tiktok failed to load the same. If you are one of those Tiktok users, then there is nothing to worry about.  

Here, we shall discuss how one can get the AI Manga filter on Tiktok, easily, without facing any issues. You will surely love the anime results! 

How To Get AI Manga Filter On Tiktok
AI Manga Filter: Before & After Effects (CC: YouTube)

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How To Get The AI Manga Filter? Everything To Know 

Have you become impatient enough to learn about the access to Tiktok’s Al Manga filter? There is no rocket science in this. Make sure you follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Open the Tiktok application on your phone. Irrespective of what you are using (Android or iOS), you should make sure that it’s the updated version. 

Step 2: Tap the “Create” button. That’s how you are going to start. 

Step 3: Tap the Effects tool, at the bottom left corner of the mobile screen. You can directly search the AI Manga filter in the panel. 

Step 4: On searching the AI Manga filter, it will show numerous results. You must know which one is the real one, having the most number of usages. 

How To Get AI Manga Filter On Tiktok
AI Manga Filter On Tiktok (CC: Mashable)

Step 5: Now you are good to go! The AI Manga filter got selected and you are ready to click a picture. At the same time, you can also add a photo from your gallery. 

After you complete Step 5, a loading wheel shall appear on your mobile screen. The only thing you have to do is wait for a few seconds. What’s next? There you witness the magic! Your picture will be transformed into a manga character, having the anime style. 

Extra Tip: Once you use the AI Manga filter on Tiktok, you can opt for “Add to Favourite.” This will help you to have easy access to the same, in the future. You dont have to search for it every time. Well, this is not just for this AI Manga filter but for others too. Sounds good? The after-effects of this artificial intelligence technology may sound normal unless tried. In short, it will blow your mind. 

As mentioned earlier, some will not find the AI Manga filter under the Discover results. Well, that’s rarely possible. There is nothing to freak out about. Solutions are there. You can still use the AI Manga filter using Tiktok’s official editor- CapCut. Yes! Mark the name. Irrespective of what mobile device you are using, it’s available. The only difference is the AI Manga filter on Capcut lacks the transition part. That’s okay! There is still a lot of fun. 

What are you waiting for? Go and try out this amazing AI Manga filter. What do you think of the anime effects? 

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