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Bojack Horseman Ending Explained: The Awkward Silence!

BoJack Horseman Ending Explained
BoJack Horseman Ending Explained

‘Bojack Horseman’ has come to an end. On January 31, 2020, Netflix released the second half of the sixth season, leaving a gaping hole in millions of hearts. The final episode is an outlier: it is not one of the show’s creative forays into experimental animation or inventive storytelling. The humor has been toned down. There is a discussion rather than action.

That kind of finale would have been extremely disappointing in any other production. But not in the case of ‘Bojack Horseman.’ It is particularly appropriate for the series, which revolves around the depression of an anthropomorphic horse. The finale is similar to the ending of ‘The Sopranos.’ Both programs ended abruptly, straying from the promised “mind-blowing” ending. The quiet retrospection of the protagonists’ personal journeys, on the other hand, feels far more necessary than enjoyable shenanigans.

BoJack Horseman Ending Explained

Want to know the details behind this Netflix animated series?

Bojack Horseman Ending Explained

Bojack and Diane are standing next to each other in the final episode of ‘Bojack Horseman.’ On the screen above them, an ECG line spikes and dips until it takes over the entire screen. The line straightens and stabilizes. The image shifts to a doctor covering Bojack’s body with a bed sheet, confirming his death. A newspaper story soon shows, however, that Bojack is not dead!!! He is, nevertheless, prosecuted in court and condemned to fourteen months in prison. When Bojack is freed from prison, Mr. Peanutbutter picks him up. They’re both going to a wedding. Carolyn, Princess of Wales, is marrying Judah.

Mr. Peanutbutter drives Bojack to a press event that he must attend because it is on his way to the wedding. The purpose of the event is to reinstall the letter D in the “Hollywoo” sign. The letter, however, turns out to be a ‘B,’ and the sign now reads “Hollywoob.” Todd invites Bojack to the beach to see the fireworks because the former notices Bojack’s uneasiness at the wedding. After the wedding is over, Bojack returns. Princess Carolyn informs him that he is not attending the real wedding. The gathering is only for industry professionals, so Princess Carolyn can utilize it as a networking opportunity.

BoJack Horseman Ending

This series has concluded.

Bojack Horseman’s Final Moments

On the roof, Diane is smoking. Bojack joins her for a discussion. Diane recalls Bojack’s most recent voicemail. She is disappointed because he was not sober. She is furious because she feels responsible for abandoning Bojack when she relocated to Chicago. Diane claims that Bojack made her feel responsible for his well-being. Furthermore, Diane informs Bojack that she opted not to move to Houston with Guy because of Bojack’s voicemail. She ended her relationship with Guy after attempting a long-distance relationship. Diane apologizes and praises Bojack after indicating that she will no longer be in his life. Bojack tells Diane about an incident that occurred in prison. The two of them then sit on the roof in awkward silence. This is when the episode, season, and series come to a close.

Bojack Horseman Season Six Trailer

Bad News About Season 7

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but ‘Bojack Horseman’ season 7 has been officially canceled. As soon as the streamer began preparing for Season 6, it was evident that this was the show’s final season, as it was dubbed ‘The Final Season.’ When the first season premiered on Netflix, the show’s creator, Raphael Bob-Waksberg, spilled the beans in an interview with the press. He stated that Netflix informed him of the show’s impending end, giving him plenty of time to plan a definitive finale to his story. That sums it up well. While the BoJack fan in us hopes for a follow-up BoJack movie or a resurrection season in a few years, we can’t help but admire the show’s impressive run. Instead of letting the show fade away, they closed it on a strong note. The show’s creators elegantly exited while the audience was still emotionally immersed in the plot, demonstrating how much they cared about the show and its supporters.

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