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Strangers Again Episode 8: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

Strangers Again
Strangers Again

The release date of Stranger Again Episode 8 is out. Given how intensely the previous episode ended, it is inevitable that the audience will be on the edge of their seats for the upcoming episode. Let’s take a quick recap of the previous episode before the latest one drops.

The previous episode (episode 6) ended with the scene where we saw Goo Eun Beom and Ha Ra eating together when both of them get calls from Oh Dae Hwan (Ha Ra’s father) and Kim Ga Eun respectively. 

The scene from the previous episode’s finale opens Strangers Again Episode 7. While Ha Ra answers Kim Ga Eun’s phone and learns that she has been arrested for trying to kill her kid’s father, Eun Beom rejects Oh Dae Hwan’s call.

Strangers Again

Strangers Again

Eun Beom, mistaking the circumstance, grabs the phone from her and demands to know why she stabbed Dae Hwan, only to discover that Dae Hwan had no bearing on her case. Ga Eun is not the woman Ha Ra’s father had an affair with, which makes it abundantly evident to the viewers.

Later, we learn from Hara’s voiceover that Eun Beom told her the whole truth about her father having a separate family from his marriage. After dropping Hara off at her father’s school, Eun Beom heads to the police station to take care of Ga Eun’s case instead of Ha Ra.

Strangers Again Episode 7 Recap

Ha Ra recalls her early memories of her father on the school campus. Soon after, she notices posters that depict her father as immoral and hears students discussing it. Then, Ha Ra runs into her father and confronts him. She leaves after stating that she must help her mother in filing a lawsuit.

On the other hand, despite Eun Beom’s advice to find another counsel, Kim Ga Eun insists on having attorney Ha Ra represent her. Later, he decides to handle her case himself.

Meanwhile, Ha Ra is seen packing her mother’s clothes when her mother says that she won’t be getting a divorce. She reasons that she just can’t leave her husband and let him live happily with some other woman. She wants to keep him by her side till death. Ha Ra storms out in rage.

Later, Ha Ra’s mother texts her to let her know that she is ready to file for divorce. Ha Ra later meets with her father at a cafe and advises him to prepare his papers and get a mutual divorce finalized. Dae Hwan cries out to Ha Ra, pleading with her to spare him and stop the divorce.

Strangers Again

A Still from Stranger Again

The man Ga Eun stabbed is shown to be dead as the trial for her begins in court. Therefore indicting her with murder. She claims, while alone with Eun Beom, that she is in some way relieved by the death because she had prayed for it to happen. He is surprised by her lack of remorse for her actions and warns her to come to her senses because things are getting out of hand.

Kim Ga Eun’s daughter Kim Young Bi visits Eun Beom. She claims that being a sentencing witness for her mother will help to mitigate her punishment. Eun Beom meets Ga Eun later and asks her one final time how she is feeling about the death.

Eun Beom and Ha Ra talk about their cases with one another at the firm. Divorce, according to him, is never simple. Contrarily, in the following scene, Jae Gyeom is heard asserting that seeking a divorce is not difficult, disappointing Ha Ra.

The next scene shows Ha Ra leaving the workplace to avoid Jae Gyeom, but she later runs into him in the parking lot. Jae offers to end their relationship after a serious discussion as he believes Ha Ra still has feelings for Eun Beom. Later, Ha Ra texts Eun Beom about the breakup. 

Strangers Again

A Still from Strangers Again

To get the divorce papers stamped, Ha Ra goes to her parents’ house. Ha Ra interrupts her mother just as she is ready to stamp the papers by giving an excuse.  Her mother tears the agreement out of frustration.

Thereafter, Ha Ra talks to her parents about the other woman and her daughter and offers them a reality check of the entire issue. Ultimately, Ha Ra’s mother decides to stay with Dae Hwan. To their surprise, Dae Hwan’s second daughter arrives at the house just then and asks him to raise her because she’s left home.

The episode ends with Ha Ra calling Eun Beom and telling him that she wants to die. She imagines herself standing on a layer of thin ice that is about to crack.

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Strangers Again Episode 8 Preview

In Strangers Again Episode 8, we will Ha Ra visualizing love scenarios with Eun Beom. She is seen being carried on Eun Beom’s back while drunk. Eun Beom forbids her from approaching his office. Ha Ra admits her feelings and requests a reconciliation with Beom.

Strangers Again Episode 8 Release Date

Strangers Again Episode 8 will be released on February 9, 2023, at 5:30 PM IST.

Strangers Again Episode 8 Streaming Guide

Strangers Again Episode 8 will be available for streaming on Rakuten Viki App. A subscription to the app is to watch the latest episode of Strangers Again. The standard package costs around Rs. 199 per month. 

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