What Does BBL Mean On Tiktok? The Social Media Slang Explained

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Here, we shall discuss the meaning of BBL on Tiktok. Well, social media platforms never fail to surprise us with it’s latest trends. No matter what it is. It can be slang, challenge, prank, effects, or anything else. Now, it’s time for BBL. Little did you know that this is an acronym for surgery. Knowing this, some of you might be wondering how can surgery be so popular on Tiktok?

Adding more to this, the users who already know about BBL are often posting theirs before and after-effects. If you are quite active on social media, by now you must have come across such posts. There is nothing to worry about. Especially, if you are conscious about your appearance, this meme effect may inspire you.  Let’s dive into this piece to learn what BBL means on Tiktok.

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BBL Meaning On Tiktok Explained

In this social media slang, BBL stands for Brazilian Butt Lift. As mentioned earlier, it’s a plastic surgery term that takes fat from one portion of your body and adds it to your butt to make it appear more attractive. Nowadays, people are very much conscious about their looks, not just their face but their whole body posture. The ones who are fitness freaks may rely on hardcore workouts for the same. But, several people opt for surgery. For them, BBL is a perfect choice.

BBL Meaning On Tiktok
BBL Before-After Effect

Now, people have taken BBL on Tiktok, posting how things turn out after undergoing the surgical procedure. Briefly, we may say that the users are having fun using this hashtag. Well, not everyone using the hashtag has undergone this but some are also using it to describe the fun effect. To date, the BBL hashtag has garnered over 1.8 billion views. Isn’t it crazily huge? With his popularity on social media, it’s safe to recommend someone about BBL. If you are looking out to opt for this, make sure to undergo the procedure by some reputed doctors.

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Surprisingly, BBL also has an alternative meaning. But, that is simply out of the Tiktok box. That way, it refers to “Be Back Later.”

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